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“Merry Christmas” Wood Slice Garland

I have to be honest => From the start this project was a big fat flop! I don’t admit that often but it almost had me running for the hills… you’ll probably think its crazy talk when you see how easy this wood slice garland is but it didn’t start this way.

Easy wood slice Christmas Garland from fynesdesigns.com

Lets rewind to when I seen this fabulous Wood Slice Art from Northstory. I though it was so genius using something as simple as wood slices from a log to make artwork! “I have tonnes of branches and logs” I thought, I should make a project like this too!

Enter thinking cap- I decided being Christmas and all, I should make a wreath (I love wreaths if you haven’t noticed). I started out… after a half a bottle of wood glue, a small crack in my counter, and a tempered red face, I took a computer break, only find this… A stunning Wood Slice a Burlap Christmas Wreath, how was I to compete with this? Not only did she execute it with no glue drips, she added a beautiful burlap detail and woodland arrangement that my idea certainly didn’t measure up to.

Enter thinking cap round 2. I then decided if it couldn’t be round it must hang! But wait there is more… I painted the letters on each wood slice to read “Merry Christmas”.

Stencil wood slices to create a @Christmas garland

Then I drilled holes, not the right way, but the wrong way… on all of them. I had drilled the holes one on each side of the letter, dead smack in the centre. But when you thread the ribbon through and hang it, the letters just spin around in a circle, every which way. Fail. Again.



I then repainted new slices (when most sane people would have just gave up), drilled proper holes and threaded through my beautiful May Arts ribbon. Success.

Merry Christmas Wood Slice garland from fynesdesigns.comI absolutely LOVE it, just can’t say as much for the process! I hope you’ll try this inexpensive craft idea… I hope I worked out all the kinks!

Wood Slice Christmas garland. Easy to create, read this tutorial so you don't make this common mistake!

I hung the wood slice garland on the living room doorway. It’s the first thing you see as soon as you walk into my house. A little festive Welcome!

Easy Wood Slice Christmas garland from fynesdesigns.com

Merry Christmas and happy creating!

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  1. Very nice idea! One question, did you make your own wood slices or did you buy them from the craft store. Curious how the process went if you created your own. Thanks. Cathryn

    1. I did make my own, I just took a small log from the wood pile and cut it with the chop saw. However, start with a long stick, because you wont be able to steady a short stick well.

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