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Sights of The Season- A Holiday Home Tour

Sights of the Season from the home of fynesdesigns.com

I was planning an epic holiday home tour this year, but guess what?

Santa didn’t send his cleaning elves my way!!

I have for you the compressed version! Meaning the clutter, unused craft supplies, heinous gift wrap mess, yeah- I cropped that out. I’d love for you to think my holiday home is pristine and just so, but with two little monsters, and a catering business that is crazy busy at the holidays, it just didn’t happen.  For this holiday home tour I’d like to show you a few of my favourite Christmas decorations, I hope it fills your crafty, holiday decor loving heart!

wood slice doorway garland from fynesdesigns.com

If you missed how easy is was to create this Wood Slice Garland, you’ll want to check that out before you leave!

Vintage Christmas Tree truck

window decorations from fynesdesigns.com

Decorate windows by hanging tulle and oversized ornaments from a tension rod.
advent calendar and knit snowmen from fynesdesigns.com

I’ve created countless advent calendars over the years but this wooden one I found at a summer sale still remains my favourite. My kids love the knit snowmen I made for them. Every time I walk by they’ve changed their position (they like to take naps even!).

Christmas tree from fynesdesigns.com

The star of the show! I love to decorate my trees. This year I used a new double faced red satin from May Arts Ribbon. Unfortunately there aren’t many strong branches on the tree so everything started to droop right away.

Holiday sitting room from fynesdesigns.com

Here it is, the one cleanish room in my house!

Christmas card holder from fynesdesigns.com

This holiday card holder is one of the best things I’ve EVER made for myself, it’s so functional… we’ll see how storage goes! I made these plant pot ribbon trees last year, and they are still one of my favourite pieces of christmas decor!


Remember how I told you about growing up with a Christmas tree farm in my Joy wreath post? Well… I love to make fresh greenery arrangements too!


With my two wee ones in our house we have loads of Reindeer games going on around here!  Neutral Christmas tree decor from fynesdesigns.com

Christmas tree #2, I kept this guy just neutral, and simple! I made this May Arts Ribbon banner to share over on the Scrapbook and Cards Today blog.

Quitled Christmas stockings from fynesdesings.com

I’m not fortunate enough to have a mantle so the window sill has to do to hang the stockings. I quilted these guys a few years back and still love them as much as when I made them. However, I did consider using these Chic Stockings too!

snow-babies-villageThe DIY Christmas village is another one of my children’s favourites. They like to drive the car around the houses, and turn on the lights when it gets dark.

Each year my daughter gets a new Department 56 Snow Babies collectable from her Grandmother. Both of the kids squealed for joy when we got them out of the boxes.

Mod Podged Holiday clipboard

I created this simple piece of holiday decor from a dollar store clipboard, some May Arts Ribbon and Mod Podge.

White kids Christmas Tree

This is my kiddos tree, they decorated all by them selves. I think they did quite a good job!


My whole life I’ve got the “Yes Virginia There is A Santa Claus” phrase from every person I know (it’s a movie in case you don’t know). I’ve always hated it, but his year I decided to embrace it and paint myself a Christmas sign!

Yes Virginia There is A Santa Clause painted sign from fynesdesigns.com

We didn’t get many holiday decorations up outside this year, just a few lights, and we hung Santa’s suit out to dry!

Hang a Santa Suit from a string of lights

Hubby also had to decorate the kids playhouse. I snapped a shot at the last minute, sorry its not a great one!

kids playhouse decorated

That concludes this Holiday Home Tour… if you can call it that! Only 4 days to go, can you hardly wait?!!

Check out some of my favourite holiday crafts

Personalized Photo Ornament

Easy DIY photo ornaments. Great tutorial with photo steps.

Joy Wreath Sign

Outside Joy Wreath- The Great Canadian Wreath Hop

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  1. You’ve put a smile on my face on this Friday morning. Hoping to get some decorating done this weekend!

  2. Gail Richard says:

    Virginia, just love seeing what you have done, so many sweet ideas and I too love the cute vingettes. Reminds me of my style of decorating. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hopefully will see you at Crop and Create.

  3. Wow… I’m starting to feel like a holiday reject… okay so decorating is not my strong suit, but at least we have the same issue with those pesky elves.

  4. Hi Virginia.
    I too was always reminded about that saying ….. A few years ago I was at a garage (junk?) sale & I found a set of vintage books full of short stories & In one of the volumes there was the full version of “yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus”. It made me think of it in a totally different way & I love it now !!!
    Your sign is beautiful.

    1. awe that is nice to hear! I love the sign now, and think it is a nice Christmas reminder!

  5. I know this post was added many years ago but I’ve enjoyed browsing through it. The Santa suit on the light rope is what caught my eye originally. I do one similar but with a mini suit. I should take my real Santa suit and do this too, I just love it! Really love all the vignettes and that Merry Christmas banner across the doorway is adorable! I think my favorite though is your kiddos tree, so bright and cheery and they did a great job!

    1. That is so sweet!! I loved that Santa suit up there. Christmas is my favourite!!

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