Vintage Skate Door Hanger-The 12 Days of Door Decor Day #5-

Welcome to Day #5 of the 12 Days!  I LOVE todays Door Decor, and I hope you will too. Be sure to view the whole post to catch my quick DIY instructions (Insert leaps of joy here). I love the vintage charm of this skate door hanger and they are the perfect addition to your decor whether it be on your door or sitting on your Holiday vignette. I hope you like, leave some love in the comments to let me know what day has been your favourite so far, but no worries I still have a load in store for you (6 days to be exact!).

Vintage skate door decor

Vintage skates laced with silk

Vintage mens skates

How to create a vintage skate door hanger. From fynesdesings.com

Thank you for joining me for Day #5. See you tomorrow for an all white number sure to please.

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  1. Definately my favorite one!!! It connects with the figure skater in me!!

  2. saw this on pin…then suddenly saw a pair of children’s (boy’s) black figure skates in a thrift store…quickly grab them & now going to create a decorative pair but painting them white first (all girls in the family). any suggestion on what type of paint I should use in order for it to cover the black? wish me luck…thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Glad you like them! I have had really good luck with Martha Stewart multi surface paint from Michaels (its in little acrylic bottles)they have a pearl white color that would give you an antique look. Good luck. Please post a pic on my FB page when you’re done so I can have a look! Happy Holidays!

  3. HI! I saw someone made a Valentine flower arrangement in an old skate and was selling on Ebay. I didn’t get them there but decided to make my own. I purchased a child’s pair of beginner skates so they have a double blade and are able to stand up. I got all kinds of cutesy things to stuff inside besides silk flowers, a victorian valentine card on a stick, a woodent heart, I cant wait to share with my kids at school! <3

    1. The bells wer actually a part of the stem I stuck into the skate. I think you could make them, I’ve seen pins that say you can rust things, I’d love to know!

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