We have family pictures taken each year right before the hustle and bustle, so I love making photo gifts during the holidays. I’ve been making these Glass Photo Ornaments for quite sometime (even before the outburst of holiday projects on Pinterest). The are the perfect keepsake or gift. I’ve shared this craft with many and haven’t came across a tutorial that shows well how EASY it can be done.
Easy DIY photo ornaments. Great tutorial with step by step photos.

Follow this simple step by step photo guide to make your own personalized glass photo ornament

You will need- 1 photo (relative in the size to the ornament you’ve chose), 1 glass bulb, a stick (a pencil or skewer will do), fishing line, double sided tape, ribbon if you choose and white cardstock with the date printed or stamped.

DIY personalized Glass Photo Ornaments. Make the perfect keepsake or gift!

  1. Find a drinking glass that your ornament will sit into (you want it to sit in about 1/4 of the way, a smaller circle is better than one too big), use this as a template for your circle. If you have another means of circle cutting, a large ornament will need a 3″ circle.
  2. Cut two circles, one from your photo and the other from the cardstock. Add names, dates, or sentiments to the paper circle, with your printer or stamps.
  3. Apply strips of (acid free) double sided tape to the photo. Cut a long piece of fishing line and fold it in half. Stick the looped end along the centre of the photo.
  4. Sandwich the fishing line between the two paper circles.
  5. Gently roll the photo into a tube (photo on the outside of the roll), and slide it into the ornament. Be sure there are no sharp points of glass that the photo will get scratched by.
  6. Hold onto the fishing line and run the stick back and forth over the photo to flatten it out, be careful not to dent or scratch the picture. *make sure your holding the line, getting it back out is NO fun.
  7. You will find two small holes in the cover of the ornament, where the wire runs through the cap. Poke the ends of your fishing line through the holes (one in each side), slip the cap back onto the ornament, and tie off the fishing line. I like to knot the strings multiple times to ensure it will not come undone.
  8. Complete your ornament with ribbon of choice (mine is May Arts Wrinkled Silk), or simply add a hanger.

Gift, or hang your DIY Glass Photo Ornament for all to see!

Photo Glass Ornament tutorial, easily done, makes a great #gift or keepsakeIts safe to say this maybe the only glass ornament craft I ever share… they are incredibly hard to photograph!

You won't believe how easy it is to get the photo inside the ornament. A MUST see tutorial!What do you think, will you give it a try?  You know Grandma, or a close friend would love to receive one!

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18 thoughts on “DIY Glass Photo Ornament Tutorial

    1. Virginia Post author

      Hi Tiffany, Use a Q-tip to poke at the center of the photo, it shouldn’t damage the photo so you can give it a bit more push. The thinner the photo paper and cardstock the better. I hope this method helps. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Roseanne

    I have been doing this for years and both my sons have a separate tree decorated with the yearly ornaments,the grandkids lokk forward to the “new ” ornament each year


    1. Virginia Post author

      That is SO great Roseanne! Thats what I hope for! When I was a kid we had engraved ornaments, we were so excited to find ours on the tree after it was decorated!


  2. Roseanne cota

    I have been doing this for years,(I use the wallet size school pictures)both my sons have a seperate tree just for the photo globes,each year the grandkids look forward to getting their ornament.Its become a tradition in this family..brings a lot of laughter on tree decorating day


  3. Sarah

    I’m so happy I found this! I have been looking all over for the best possible method for doing this and yours is the first that explains it the best. I’m doing one for each member of the family a picture of my grandpa who passed away in October from cancer. I tried a sample picture rolling it up to insert it in but when it’s in the glass, it seemed to not wanna straighten out. Will the card stock help with this problem?


    1. Virginia Post author

      The bigger the bulb the easier it is to get the photo to straighten out, because it doesn’t have to roll so tightly (the loser you can roll the better). I don’t know if the cardstock makes a difference, I’ve never tried without. Using something with a soft end like a q-tip or paintbrush will let you apply a bit more pressure without damaging the photo. Good luck!


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