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Christmas Photo Ornament Craft

Tis’ my favourite crafting season! To kick things off I joined up with a group of gals to bring you 12 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments. This DIY Christmas Photo Ornament Craft is so easy. Plus, you don’t need any fancy tools or materials, just some basic craft supplies to turn your memories into beautiful photo ornaments for your tree, or as a gift.

Easy DIY iron on Christmas photo ornaments

I’ve made glass bulb photo ornaments in the past that are super popular, but they take a bit more time, planning and patience to create. These simple photo ornaments you can whip together in minutes, seriously minutes!

Tutorial to create Easy DIY iron on Christmas Photo Ornaments. Step by step instructions.

Christmas Photo Ornament Tutorial


How to make circular photos

First you will need to print circular images to fit the 4″ embroidery hoops. I did this by using Canva, if you haven’t used it before it super simple, be sure to check it out. Choose the template for US Letter which will be a standard 8.5 x 11″ page. Next choose elements in the left toolbar, select frames and scroll down to the circles. Fill the page with five circles as shown below. Printed this will make your photos nearly fill the hoops.

DIY Photo Ornament Craft using Canva

Now you will need to upload your photos. Choose uploads from the tool bar. Once uploaded you can drag and drop each photo into the circles. It will automatically crop to fit the circle, but by clicking crop you can resize to fit as you wish. The filter button will allow you to change the photo to black and white if you wish.

DIY Photo Ornament Craft using Canva

Once all your circles are filled with photos you can add text, dates, or shapes to each image.  Save your project to your computer and print on the heat transfer paper. **Be sure to mirror the image when you print.

DIY Photo Ornament Craft using Canva

Now you’re ready to create your Christmas Photo Ornaments in a few easy steps.

Tutorial to create Easy DIY iron on Christmas Photo Ornaments. Step by step instructions.

  1. Cut a square of fabric approx 4″ wider than the hoop and iron to remove and wrinkles. **If you choose to paint the hoop, do this before you begin, if you glitter the hoop, do that once assembled. 
  2. Using the scissors cut out around one of your printed photos.
  3. Center the photo on the square of fabric and iron in place following the instructions on the package.
  4. Peel the protective backing from the ironed on photo.
  5. Place the smaller hoop behind the image and place the larger one on top pressing down, secure the screw.
  6. Use the scissors to trim the fabric, leaving enough of an overhang to hot glue to the backside of the hoop.
  7. Flip to the back side and hot glue with a light bead to hide the raw edge.
  8. Attach ribbon, bow, or other decorations.
  9. Hang on Christmas tree!

Tutorial to create Easy DIY iron on Christmas Photo Ornaments. Step by step instructions.

Can you believe how easy these Christmas photo ornaments are?! They make a great keepsake Christmas ornament, or a gift.

If you want to glitter the edges of the hoop, like above, I simply ran a small bead of white glue around the edge and sprinkled with glitter.

Tutorial to create Easy DIY iron on Christmas Photo Ornaments. Step by step instructions.

Wouldn’t these make the perfect Christmas tree ornament. Embroidery hoops come in a variety of sizes, so you can make them whatever size is appropriate for your tree.

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12 Beautifully Simple DIY Christmas Ornaments

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  1. Such a cute momento you could recreate each year!

  2. I love using that heat transfer paper. So much fun! Super cute ornaments 🙂

  3. The link to your site from this 12 Simple DIY bloghop is incorrect, at least it is from the Turquoise Home. I had to do a google search for your site. Thought you might want to know. It’s a really cute idea. Thanks.

  4. These are so cute Virginia…you are all adorable! And who knew you could use Canva do to this kind of thing…I love that program!

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