2016 Christmas Decorations

You may remember last year’s Christmas Decorations as being a bit over the top. If you don’t recall, let me remind you… I had 12 trees, yes 12 (see them all here).  Well this year Christmas went on a diet, like a serious don’t recognize you slim down. I put up 1 tree, and spiffed up a few little vignettes, there just isn’t enough hours in the day this year.

Lets get right to it, check out my 2106 Christmas Decorations below…

Red and Green Christmas kitchen hutch

Decorating my hutch is a must, it’s the first thing you see when you come in the house. I’ve decorated it in blues the past two years (see here) but this year I went with a more traditional color scheme and I’m in love! #hearteyes

Red Christmas bulb

Red and Green Christmas kitchen hutch. Vintage christmas village

I mixed in a few old and new. In hindsight I wish I would put down a little fake snow first.

Now for the pièce de résistance… 

2016 Fynes Designs Christmas Decorations. White and brown Nature themed tree

My real tree for this year was picked by my sister, she did such an amazing job! It’s perfectly plump and not a branch out of place. My house smells amazing right now! As always it looks better in real life than any camera can capture.

Natural and gold themed christmas gift wrapping

2016 Fynes Designs Christmas Decorations. White and brown Nature themed tree

I kept things neutral again this year, but included in lots of natural elements, like pinecones, birch branches, acorns and feathers.  A real tree just does most of the being beautiful work on its own!

2016 Fynes Designs Christmas decorations

I chose to put my tree on a different wall this year, not in the corner, like I did back in 2014 (see that home tour here).

2016 Fynes Designs Christmas Decorations. White and brown Nature themed tree

I continued the nature elements right onto my gift wrapping. Collected heritage bird feathers make the perfect embellishments.

Natural feathers for Gift wrapping embellishments

I love the Christmas tree on this wall, it doesn’t leave a lot of extra space, but makes it feel extra cozy.

Christmas sitting room

Perfect for curling up on the sofa together, or doing a little knitting.


Is that miniature poinsettia the cutest thing ever?!

Christmas village vignette

The last bit of decorations is on my dining room sideboard. More Christmas village and a little forest of my favourite trees.

Norman Rockwell framed Santa. Best vintage santa ever

The whole vignette is focused around my Norman Rockwell vintage Santa print. Isn’t he perfect? Comes a close tie with my last years vintage Santas (see him here).


One of the kids favourite Christmas traditions is getting to write the countdown number on the Santa wipe board.


Well that concludes my Christmas decorations for 2016. Please stick around and walk through my entire home and see all 12 trees from last year.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!

This Christmas Home Tour has 10 Trees! A must see!

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Christmas Bar Cart

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