The Big Reveal- Simple Laundry Room Ideas

April 17th, 2015 | Home Decor, Paint

It’s so nice to have my laundry life back in order (er, create some order in the laundry room), I’m so excited to show you what has been going on behind the scenes. My laundry room ideas are quite simple, considering the space is only 66″ wide there wasn’t a lot of room to get fussy.

Without further adieu, drum rooooooll please…

built in laundry room with instock fixtures from The Home Depot


Maybe you need a reminder what it was like before the laundry room makeover…

Laundry room Makeover done in a weekend, with in-stock fixtures

This laundry room went from a tiny hole in the wall that never had an open door, to a space that I’m proud to show off. Would you believe that it all came together in about the time you’d have in a weekend?!

I’d be lying if I told you we didn’t run into a few hiccups- like a giant snow storm on delivery day, a crushed dryer vent, an awkward placed electrical outlet, and changing the light fixture 3 times. But we muddled through to a beautiful laundry room on the other end!

New Whirlpool front load Duet Steam machine

A big part of what is making this laundry room design so efficient and functional with our family is the the new Whirlpool front load Duet Steam Washer and Dryer (more on that to come).

By switching to a front loading pair we were able to incorporate a counter into the laundry room. This was a big ‘must’ since we had nowhere to fold the laundry, you can read more about that mess here

Fresh laundry room makeover featuring 2015 color of the year Blue Paisley

Everything used to complete the laundry room was picked up at The Home Depot. I was so happy to find these Buckingham Grey cabinets in-stock. They looked like they were pre-ordered, with the matching crown moulding it gave the laundry room cabinets an expensive custom built look.  I was able to assemble the cabinet boxes myself, and had Captain Carpentry (aka my brother) install them for me.

Doesn’t the DIY Watercolor artwork add the perfect pop of feminine color?

built in laundry room with instock fixtures from The Home Depot

The countertop is a bit of a luck story. My initial plan was to buy a sheet of plywood and cover with solid light grey piece of Arborite to create a custom countertop, like I did for my craft room desk.  However when consulting with the kitchen expert at the Home Depot he had the perfect thing for me. Someone had custom ordered a bar top piece of counter, but it had got damaged during transport, it was just out back, lonely, waiting for a home. It wasn’t the pattern I was after but the clearance price was too good to pass up, plus the damaged part was on the end that needed to be cut off anyhow!

The shelves in between the cabinets are laminated pine panels edged with a small piece of trim on the front edge.  They are screwed in place from the inside of the cabinet into the pine.

A small laundry room makeover

Having a can of paint color matched to the cabinet doors was the key to getting these in stock cabinets to look custom built. You can read all about the Voice of Color Laundry room color scheme here.

Would you believe that I tried 3 light fixtures in this room before I found one that would actually light up the space! I never realized how dreadfully dark it was until I found a light fixture to properly light this small windowless room. This glass globe pendant fixture was the cheapest of the 3 and gave the best light.

laundry room decorations

The biggest snafu of the space was the previous placement of the water outlet trim box and electrical outlet. The top loading pair was high enough to cover it, but it wasn’t concealed with the new front loading set. Captain Electrical (aka Mr. Fynes) was able to put a new plugin below, but the trim box wasn’t moveable, so I just gave it a lick of paint and decided to live with it.

A small space laundry room makeover done in a weekend- Stop by the Home Depot to grab what you need!

I’m really happy how my laundry room ideas came together. The few bumps in the road were soon forgotten after using this new functional space.

built in laundry room with instock fixtures from The Home Depot

Would you believe the Laundry Room Makeover materials came in around $550, I couldn’t be happier! Check out the supply list here.

A HUGE thanks to my friends at The Home Depot Canada, Captain Carpentry, and Captain Electrical that helped bring this fresh new laundry room to life. It’s the perfect laundry space for our little family!

Check out the Voice of Color Laundry Room Color Scheme here

Bohemian inspired color scheme

Disclosure: Special thanks to The Home Depot Canada, Whirlpool Canada, and PPG Voice of Color . As always the opinions expressed in this blog post reflect my honest opinion.

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