Make an Easy Gallery Wall with Shutterfly Design-A-Wall Tool

September 2nd, 2014 | Home Decor, Review, Wall Decor

The walls in our home have been a bit blah since we moved in, not totally bare but a photo here, a clock there kind of decorating, just nothing special.

I’ve long dreamed of unique arrangements, cool prints, and even expensive artwork, but just never made the plunge. Until recently when we had new family photos taken, I was so in love with the photos I knew I had to get off my rear and make a move!

After gathering a gazillion gallery wall photos on my wall decor pinterest board I decided it was the route I wanted to go.

Easily design a gallery wall with Shtterfly Design-A-Wall template

Look what I started with a poorly lit blank slate, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH .

blank slate

Since I wanted to get it right, I started with a fresh coat of paint, I used PPG Great Grey (in-love with this color). Then I logged onto Shutterfly to order my prints. Shutterfly has a new tool called Design-A-Wall, it makes creating a wall gallery so easy. You have the option to have your photos or prints on canvas, framed canvas, metal, wood, or acrylic. I went for the wood prints, they are so unique, and add a natural element to your gallery wall.

create an easy gallery

I knew I wanted to add in other pieces to my gallery so I chose the ‘Montage’ arrangement that was less symmetrical than the others. Using the Design-A-Wall site is so easy, just upload your photos, choose the gallery you like and drag and drop your photos into the frames. You can choose from a range of designs & sizes.

The best part… every order comes with an AH-mazing special kit to make hanging your gallery wall easy and flawless (I’m talking blow your mind awesome).

Your gallery wall will be in business in about 20 minutes. Yes 20!!! (Even less if you choose a lighter option, like canvas).


The kit includes a small adhesive level, which you stick directly over the words ‘place level here’. They have made it so easy a monkey could hang these prints.

Then you tape the template to the wall with painters or washi tape (this part is easier done with two people because the piece of paper is quite large). 


Once the template is up on the wall, determine which letter corresponds with your type of print. Make a mark at the crosshairs of each letter. I used a darning needle, but if you are using nails you can put the nails directly through the paper. The wood prints use screws and anchors, which are included with your prints.


Once you’ve poked all the holes, you can remove the template, and put your screws in to the guide holes you’ve made. Then just simply hang your prints on the screws for an instant gallery wall.

That is it, seriously took me 20 minutes, no measuring leveling, cutting out pieces of paper, wondering how the gallery will look in the end, just instant success!


Adding other pieces to the gallery was so easy with this great foundation. I added a welcome sign to the centre and then just worked around the parameter of the wood prints.

Easily design a gallery wall with Shtterfly Design-A-Wall template

The natural wood grain of the Shutterfly prints really ties together the vintage and nautical pieces.

Hanging a gallery wall made easy

I’m so happy with how easily it came together. The Design-A-Wall template makes me want to hang a gallery wall in every single room.

Great mixture of natural, vintage, and nautical items in this gallery wall

I love that by adding this gallery wall to my entrance really made the space more welcoming and gave an amazing focal point to my open concept home.

A big thanks to Shutterfly for providing the prints for this post. As always the opinions are 100% my own. 

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