Small Home Office Makeover

This is the day I have been waiting all month to come – Home Office Makeover reveal day!

This makeover project came together relatively quickly, read all about the plans here. I’ve been completed the project for a few weeks, but had been waiting for a lightbulb to come in that I ordered (yes a lightbulb, a pretty decorative Edison bulb) before I took the photos, but I just got word it is on backorder, geesh, onward we go with a more energy efficient one!

Small Home office makeover

Let’s take a look at this space before

before and after small home office makover

The ‘before’ space wasn’t heinous, it just lacked character, color, storage, light and the only plugin was on the wall (cords everywhere drives me insane). A few minor changes made this small (only 4′ wide) home office much more functional, and pretty on the eyes. Not to mention more suited to my body and work habits. A new office chair, and the DIY monitor riser make a huge difference.

The Plank Wall

Plank walls have been really popular throughout this year, I really love the look but didn’t want to commit to a big wall first. This was the perfect trial space. Plus the horizontal lines are making my small office look a little bit bigger.

I’m loving the softness of Lime Flip PPG1223-3 on the walls.

Plank wall with Virola plywood strips

Putting up the plank wall was very easy. I used Virola Plywood (or Miranti) I picked up at the Home Depot. Home Depot has a panel saw, so they can cut the strips quick and accurately for you. At home I gave the strips two coats of  Desert Dune PPG1023-4 from PPG Voice of Color, and nailed them directly to the wall. You can read an easy tutorial how to do this here. 

Then there was light

Target pendant light hard wired

I picked up this pendant light at Target. It was designed to hang and plugin like a lamp with a rocker switch. Since Mr. Fynes is Captain Electrical by day, I sweet talked him into hard wiring it for me. He knows all about my aversion to messy cords, he was so happy I invited him to go up in the attic and trek through the insulation, totally worth it!

Doesn’t it look great suspended from the rustic pully?! It would look even more fab if it had the proper bulb, grrr.

Small Home Office makeover

Previously there was only a flush mount fixture above, which didn’t give quite enough light at nighttime. Daytime has the best natural light in the house, as my chair is right next to the patio door.

Where have all the cords gone you ask? I drilled a hole through the countertop and ran them to a plugin down below.

Ikea shelf

I blamed the reveal delay on the lightbulb, but also I had to fly to Toronto to get the IKEA EKBY BJÄRNUM Shelf brackets too. Since I couldn’t bring the shelf part home in my luggage, I used a pine board with a strip of the wall plank on top, which made a true 1″ shelf.

The Craft Closet

Coat closet turned into a small craft space

Two years ago, I turned a unused coat closet near my computer desk into a storage unit for the printer, toys etc. (If I turn my office chair around its directly behind me). It proved to be a successful idea, until the Silhouette Cameo came into my life. The closet was the best home for the Silhouette, but then there also needed storage for mats, vinyl, heat transfer etc., clearly laying everything on the printer or under the desktop was the answer…

craft closet before and after

The kids toys moved to the basement playroom and I claimed the basket storage for craft supplies, plus adding the pegboard allowed me to display the products I use most often.

I had a lot of fun creating artwork for this small craft closet. Here I was able to incorporate PPG’s Voice of Color Coral blush PPG11914  and Plymouth Blue PPG13-27 into the space.

Old coat closet turned into a craft space

This closet is what you’re looking at from my kitchen island. It’s really nice to see a soft color pallet, rather than the harsh teal.

This home office is only 4 feet wide, but is very functional. Small home office makeover

From my computer chair, on the other side of the wall I am looking at my dining room gallery wall, and kitchen.

spring flowers

Home office makeover

I’m so happy how my small home office makeover came together, there is a place for everything.

I love this color combination. Lime Flip  is so calming, and Desert Dune was the perfect brown/grey for the plank wall to give a slightly rustic industrial look when paired with the black and metallics. A little pop of color from Coral blush and Plymouth Blue brought everything together while keeping it calm enough for the main living area of our home.

Home Office color combination from PPG Voice  of Color and Fynes Designs

Disclosure: PPG has provided the paint for this project. As always the opinions expressed in this blog post reflect my honest opinion.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE your plank wall! Cool pulley… industrial light… shall I keep listing?

    And can I say how much I dig your taste in computers? Oh yes I do!

    Beautiful, warm, cozy, gorgeous spot to blog your heart away!

  2. WOW! I love the plank wall and the wireless view. I’m a cord hater, too!

  3. You’ve done so well with this space, I love it. We are building at the moment and have a similar small study nook area planned. I have organised for a pendant to hang from one end and the electrician thought I was crazy not centre it. It’s nice to see it looks so good to the side, thankyou.

    1. Electricians must think alike, my husband had a hard time trusting me that its what we should do. With such a small space it wouldn’t leave space to hang anything on the wall. Thanks for visiting

  4. This turned out just beautifully! I cannot wait until we move into a place of our own and I can design a better office for me. Top on the list – one of the cute signs you have for your business! 🙂 Pinning and Stumbling!

    1. thanks so much Maggie, this fresh new space is definitely the encouragement I needed to get back in gear!

  5. What a gorgeous little office makeover, Virginia! I love that colour combo – so fresh. My favourite parts are that light (hooray for electrician hubbies – I have one too) and your beautiful wooden sign. Great work as always!

    1. Having a handy man around makes life so much easier… now if only he’d figure out how to use the computer! So glad you stopped by!

  6. Your space looks great! I love the plank wall and that container for your phone. Great work!

    1. I love that sign too! I found it for a few bucks at Winners! Thanks for visiting!

  7. I am working on redoing my home office and I just adore how colorful and functional yours is! I really like the cork board in the frame, do you have a tutorial for that? The light is gorgeous, too!! Ahh! Love it all!

    1. I’m loving my new sign too, I made a few inspirational ones, but decided on this one. Really where else could I hang it?! Thanks for visiting

  8. SO gorgeous! I love how simple it is, and the colors are the perfect pale touch. And that light is hung SO cool! Thanks for linking up to Motivational Monday; I’m featuring you tonight! 🙂

  9. I absolutely love this space Virginia!! Great job!!

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