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I’ve been a busy little house beaver these days planning home updates and painting everything I can get my hands on! Next up is a Laundry Room Makeover. Like most spaces in our home, they are finished to move in state, but nothing more, livable but not necessarily functional or pretty.

Let me show you…

ugly laundry room

Yup, looks just as bad in a photo as in real life (hangs head in shame), maybe even a bit better because you don’t see the behind the scene mass mayhem of our vicious laundry cycle.

The Real Laundry Issue

The major problem here is lack of space. There is nowhere to actually do the laundry in the laundry room, washing and drying is all that goes on in this tiny room. Once the clothes are dried then they get heaped on our bed, and typically I walk away and forget that I did that (because you may as well wait for it to be all washed and dried, right?). Bedtime rolls around (usually into the wee hours) and the kids are sleeping so I can’t put it away, so it gets heaped into a basket. A new day brings new laundry and the laundry insanity continues.

Typing this out makes me sound so lazy, please tell me I’m not going to the laundry asylum alone, you have laundry issues too, don’t you? #pleasedontjudge

The Laundry Room Solution

In the days ahead we plan to strip and paint the laundry room using PPG Voice of Color Blue Paisley Color of the year . Install upper cabinets and new shelving from The Home Depot. Adding a countertop surface to a new Whirlpool® Duet® laundry pair, will solve a lot of space issues as we will be able to fold clothes in the laundry room. New LED lighting will provide this windowless space with adequate light.

Laundry Room inspriation

  1. Carrara Santorini Laminate Countertop Home Depot
  2. Blue Paisley PPG252-6, Beachcomber 353-1  Paint- Voice of Color
  3. Grudtal Towel Bar
  4. Buckingham Grey Cabinets Home Depot
  5. Laundry Room Print
  6. Jumbo Laundry Hamper 
  7. White LED Utility Pendant- Home Depot
  8. Crystal Faceted Knob- Home Depot
  9. Saffre Ivory Wool accent Rug- Home Depot
  10. Whirlpool® Duet® 5.2 cu. ft. I.E.C.* Steam Front Load Washer with Load & Go™ System and Whirlpool® Duet® 7.3 cu. ft. I.E.C.* Steam Dryer with SilentSteel™ Dryer Drum
  11. Enviro ultra slim LED strip lighting- Home Depot (not pictured)

I’m so excited to be moving from a top load to front load and giving this room some much needed space. Tell me- do you keep on top of your laundry?

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  1. Oh, trust me, you are not alone!! Your laundry pattern sounds just like mine!! If only I could change!! But I won’t! 😉 Loving the Blue Paisley!!

  2. I love that blue! I can’t wait to see how this turns out, V. Everything you touch turns to lovely. I know this will be the same!

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