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Wood Slice Winter Painting

Christmas is past and the decorations are slowing being tucked away for another year… all but a few! I like to keep up some of my wintery decor to get me through until Valentines Day. This year when I was creating my Wood Slice Christmas Garland I had my brother-IL (who happens to have a big @$$ saw) cut a few disks of wood for me to create this wood slice winter painting. If you don’t happen to have an arborist on the payroll you can get smaller versions at Michaels to try this project out.

Hand painted wood slice for a cute winter decoration

My wood slice measures about 18″ across! Not to discourage you from a wood slice project but don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take to dry out. I had mine cut from a tree that had been down for over a year, and then dried by the fire for about 2 weeks. I couldn’t wait any longer so I started to paint it… which was going great until I sanded after the first coat and it turned gummy. Just when you think its dry, it will still dry out more.

Painted winter wood slice sign

I painted the sign with the same method I used on my Lucky Horseshoe Pallet Sign. Cut a mask with my Silhouette, tape it down and sponge on the letters. This time rather than sanding (because of the damp wood) I used a small brush to outline the letters in the contrasting red.

Baby it's cold painted wood slice- cozy little decoration for the winter from fynesdesigns

Notice in this photo how there is no crack by the arrow?  Look at the one below, which was taken about a week later. And the crack now is out to the edge of the E. I think it just adds character.

Wood slice winter painting with a May Arts Ribbon edge

Unfortunately because I jumped the gun on the drying, my May Arts Ribbon edge detail got a bit slouchy 🙁

May Arts Ribbon edge detail on the side of a large wood slice

I used May Arts Red Chevron Twill to edge the wood slice, and nailed in place with carpet tacks.

Any special decorations you keep out after the season has past?

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  1. I love it! And it IS cold outside… frost is on everything!

    1. Its just new this year, but i’m leaving it up until my Easter decorations surface!Thanks for stopping by!

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