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Sweet Thai Nacho Dip Recipe

Delicious Sweet Thai dip in a few EASY steps from fynesdesigns.com

Tis’ the season for snacks and tasty delights, so today I have another quick dip that you might want to whip together for your New Years guests.  I love this Sweet Thai Nacho Dip, it comes together ridiculously fast and most often I have the ingredients in the house so it doesn’t take any special planning.

Ingredients for Sweet Thai Nacho Dip:

  • 1 lb. of ground meat (I always use pork, but the choice is yours)
  • Cream Cheese (about 1/2 pkg) softened
  • 1/2 Cup- VH Sweet Thai Chili Cooking Sauce- OR Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce (this one has a bit more kick)
  • Grated Cheese

Yummy Sweet Thai Nacho Dip- Super Easy to make

Follow these simple steps for this yummy in your tummy dip-

  1. Brown the hamburger- feel free to add a bit of spice (onion, garlic, etc.) but totally not necessary.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of Sweet Thai Chili cooking sauce to the browned meat, mix to coat.
  3. Spread softened cream cheese onto the bottom of an oven proof dish.
  4. Spread hamburger mixture over cream cheese layer.
  5. Add grated cheese to the top.

If you’re serving this right away (the meat is still hot) you’ll only need to pop it in a 350 degree oven for 5 mins to melt the cheese. If you’ve made it in advance, it will go in a 350 oven for approx. 20 mins.  *I actually prefer this dip when it has cooled for a few minutes, but I’ll let you be the judge!

Quick and easy Sweet Thai Nacho Dip from fynesdesigns.com

Serve the sweet thai dip with nacho chips of choice, and let your guests dig in!

Easy to make Sweet Thai Nacho Dip from fynesdesigns.com

Now go get your dip on… and have a VERY Happy New Year! See you in 2014!!

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  1. This looks delish! Perfect for entertaining. Happy New Year!

  2. Mary Anne Rowlinson. says:

    Looks absolutely yummy. Will have to try it soon.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. YUM! I will be making this : )

  4. Wow! That looks delicious (and yet, not too complicated for this gal). Love it! (And pinned, of course)

  5. This dip looks so good! The Thai sauce sounds really good in this, dips are one of my serious weaknesses!!!!

  6. Whoa this looks delicious! Anything with sweet Thai chili sauce is just that much better! Happy New Year Virginia!

  7. Oh my goodness…that looks delicious!! Definitely something I’m going to have to try. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year 🙂

  8. Vanessa Keddy says:

    I made this last weekend and its AMAZING!!!

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