How To Make a Pom Pom

January 10th, 2014 | Crafts, Learn How

Make these pom poms quick with this simple trick from We’ve all seen a dozen tutorials on how to make a pom pom. However, most I’ve seen have you poor souls wrapping a single lonely strand of yarn for what probably seems like hours, or wrapping the yarn around your hand, which doesn’t make a very tight pom pom. There are tools out there to make it easy, but cardboard is free, and well, I like free. Today I thought I’d hop on the pom pom wagon and show you what tricks I have up my sleeve! Plus, I have a pretty awesome project on the horizon that you’ll need the footwork for! Lets get to it!

How to make a pom pom

Make a pom pom like the pros with this simple technique

Here’s the secret to these quick pom poms-

  •  First you’ll need to cut two circles from cardboard (the bigger the circle the fatter the pom pom). Then cover then in tape (packing, duct tape, what ever you have) this will make it so you’ll be able to reuse your circles and give them a bit more durability when you’re cutting between them.  Here is a closer look (as you can see they don’t need to be perfect).

cover your pom pom circles in tape to make them last

  • The next important step is to make a 3 footish long strand of yarn and double it over so there is about 15 strands (bulky yarn will need less).
  • double the yarn over approx 15 times to make wraping your pom pom quick  Put the circles one on top of the other, and wrap your 15ish strand of yarn around (looping in through the hole) This will only take about 10 wraps. You’ll wrap one layer, and the next will lay beside the previous one until the cardboard is no longer visible. The smaller the hole in the centre when you’re done the tighter the pom pom will be.

how to wrap a pom pom

  • You’ll have the ends of your doubled yarn sticking out the side, but don’t worry you’ll be trimming that off!
  • Now grab your scissors. Holding your wrapped yarn circles on its side poke the scissors between the two layers of cardboard and cut in a circle.

Cut between the two cardboard circles- POM POM how to

  • Take a 1′ strand of yarn (I like to double mine), lay between the two layers of cardboard and tie in a knot or two.

Tie a strand between the two layers

  • Pull the cardboard off each side.
  • Give a little trim so all the strands are the same length.
  • Yayyy!!! A pom pom!!

how to make a pom pom quick and easy from That’s all there is to it! Easy right?! I have a great Valentines Day pom pom project in the works, so haul out your red and pink yarn scraps!

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