Raise a Food Lover- Kids in the Kitchen

I’m really lucky that without too much hassle I can get my kids to help in the kitchen. Since the time they were small, I had them right alongside me in the kitchen, whether it be at home or restaurant. However, during the summer we’re rarely home, so not many meals grace our table. With school only a few days away, we are sliding back into a routine. There has never been a better time to take the pledge to cook together! Atlantic Superstore is encouraging families to Raise a Food Lover.

Cooking with kids

What does raising a food lover mean to me?

I was fortunate to grow up on a farm. My whole life I was aware where food came from. Although I no longer live the farming lifestyle, we are surrounded with agriculture, so I try my best to give my children a good understanding how food is grown, harvested, and makes it way to the grocery store. Not all families are as lucky as us to live in an area where food comes from our backyard. My kids often get to help collect eggs, feed livestock, see newborn animals, visit a dairy, help pick berries and harvest vegetables. When we visit The Atlantic Superstore, they are great grocery shoppers, as they are familiar with what most things are, and not shy to ask if not.

Next is getting them into the kitchen and teaching them to make healthy choices.  There are so many tasks littles can do to help out. Some of their favourites are:

  • grating and crumbling cheese
  • peeling
  • slicing (we like the small PC paring knives)
  • ripping herbs and chopping with kitchen shears
  • measuring
  • mixing/stirring
  • spiralizing
  • setting and monitoring timers
  • dish washing (maybe my favourite)
  • taste testing (hands down, their favourite)

No job is too little, but keep in mind to talk about safety rules.  Hand-washing, knife safety, cross contamination, keeping hair and fabrics away from elements, and handling hot items are valuable to have a discussion about.

Have fun as a family and enjoy healthier food choices by participating in this month’s Raise A Food Lover challenge.

How can you participate in the Cook Together – Family Challenge?

Atlantic Superstore is asking Canadians to take a pledge to Raise a Food Lover, encouraging families to live a healthier lifestyle and learn about the food we eat. I encourage you to cook a meal together with the whole family and eat together at least once a week.


How to take the pledge

How it Works:

  • Take the pledge online by filling out the form
  • Enter the challenge by posting a photo of the dish your family made to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Include the #RaiseAFoodLover hashtag

This challenge is a great way to educate your children about nutrition, and gives you a chance to win a WE Family Day Getaway!

Wonder what we’ve been cooking up? Bruschetta, one of our favourite snacks! Put it on baguette, or spoon over chicken breast to make it a meal.

Cooking with Kids

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  1. Sounds like fun! Great way to get the kids to participate and develop healthy habits 🙂

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