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Not all of you may know this but-after having my son (about 2 years ago) I began a weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. I loved the program and lost 70 lbs! However, the warm weather, busy days, endless get-togethers and BBQ’s leave a gal with a creeping scale (I know you know what I’m sayin’). At this snacky time of year we are all looking for something to reach for when we’re feeling the crave, so today I thought I’d share with you my favourite low point Weight Watchers snacks. We all know the obvious- reaching for fruit and veggies is the best option, but while your friends are stuffing themselves with potato chips, know that reaching for one of these snacks instead will put you on the lighter side of things.

1. Quaker Crispy Minis- 2 Points for 12 chips. Lots of yummy flavours- love BBQ and Dill!


2. Brenton Popped Cracker Chips- 2 Points for 17 Chips.  I’ve only tried the BBQ but I can’t get enough,plus 17 is like a real bowl full!

3. Yogurt Tubes- 2 Points per Tube– I really love these frozen as a cool treat.

4. Motts Fruitsations Juice Ice Bars- 1 Point per Freezie– 3 tasty flavours, my fav is Country Apple.

5. Pringles Stix- 2 Points per pack. Quite a few sticks in these small packages- Honey is my fav flavour.

thinsations snacks

6. Thinsations- 3 Points per Package– So many yummy treats in this line- I love the fudge drizzled popcorn, yogurt pretzels, and the Bits and Bites.

7. Twistos- 3 Points for 17 pieces. These are great as a snack or the perfect substitute for croutons on your salad.

8. Triscuit Thin Crisps- 2 Points for 10 crackers. Love the Parmesan Garlic and the Sweet Chili flavours, great with cheese if you have a few extra points.

fruit dip

9. Fruit and Fluff Dip- 3 tbsp. Cool Whip (1 point), 3 tbsp. No fat yogurt (1 Point) stir together and dip in your favourite fruit (free).

veg and dip.jpg

10. Veggies and Dip- 2 tbsp. Low fat Sour Cream (1point), 1tbsp Miracle Whip (1 Point), shake of onion flakes and dill weed, stir. Dip in your fav veggie sticks (free).

low point ideas that will make you not want to reach for the potato chips

There you have it! I hope you dig into some tasty low point snacks. Do you have a go to low point munchie idea? I’d love to hear it! Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are my own. These top 10 low point Weight Watchers snack options are in my opinion only. Calculations were done personally using a WW calculator.  

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22 responses to “Top 10 Low Point Weight Watchers Snacks”

  1. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Amber Quartermain says:

    I’ve never heard of the Fruitsations Juice Ice Bars- I can’t wait to pick some up! Thanks for the post, Virginia! : )

  3. Claudine says:

    Thanks for the great tips, Virginia!

  4. Lyndsay Tupper says:

    Thanks Virginia! My favorite 3 point snack is a slice of bread toasted (2 pts) , spread with 1 tbsp low fat peanut butter (1 pt) with sliced bananas on top (free). It’s filling and it has foods from three food groups.

  5. Katie Hernandez says:

    How did you have such great success on the program? I’m struggling!

    • Virginia says:

      I certainly had good weeks and bad. I totally didn’t drink alcohol for most of the year it took me to loose it, and I faithfully attended the meetings. I found having to look someone in the eye each week was better for my weight loss. Keep your head up it takes a while to get into the groove. Stick with it, drink lots of water and try to get a walk in a few times a week, it will start to fall off! Thanks for reading.

  6. Krystal Squires says:

    Love love!!! I have just begun mu WW process. 🙂 I am entering week 3! Question, are your calculations with points plus values or the old points system? Thx

  7. This is a shareable post even if you are not on Weight Watchers. Good snacks… Thanks for posting. BTW, congrats on losing 70 lbs, I am in awe!

  8. weight watcher says:

    Low points but seems like lots of junk food items, not much nutritional value in the majority of these, so you’re probably likely to feel hungry again shortly after the junk food rush passes. My WW leader–or maybe this is a WW-wide recommendation–suggested a fruit or vegetable with EVERY meal or snack, and also to “power up” meals and snacks with power foods, many of which are zero or very low points and are more likely to keep you fuller for longer. I personally have found greater success with that method than by snacking on crackers or low cal packaged foods, even though in the moment, they seem to do the trick, its usually temporarily, and not to mention full of weird chemicals.

    • Virginia says:

      I appreciate your feedback, and couldn’t agree with you more that having fruit and Vegetables are the best most filling options. However, the first paragraph of this post states that these options are recommendations for those times when others are snacking on chips, which we know are packed with points. These suggestions of snacks are the things I like to reach for when I’m at a party, camping, or watching a Friday night movie.

  9. Mary says:

    I AGREE! Sometimes you want a little junk!…. But don’t want to ruin your points!

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  12. Hlouise says:

    Thanks for all your tips. I really appreciate it! I am an emotional eater. My weight has gone up and down. I’ve found some meals that work for me but then I get bored with them or don’t take the time to fix them. I’m always looking for quick snack ideas so I don’t reach for the “bad stuff”. : )

  13. Gail says:

    Like the Idea of fruit and veggie with Dip. For a football playoff game I took a low cal dip and veggie tray. I had everyone joining me eating veggies.

  14. Leslie says:

    Great ideas. I lost 60# on ww- and have maintained for four years now. Without snacks like these you would go nuts! I love fruits and veggies, and eat a bunch of both. But everybody needs fun snacks or fast snacks or sometimes something to make you feel like you’re eating what everyone else is!

  15. Joe says:

    Thanks for the ideas. Will the points be updated to the WW Smartpoints?

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