6 Ways to Customize Your KitchenAid Mixer… +WIN One!!

April 1st, 2013 | Kitchen Content, Off the page

Ideas for customizing your kitchen aid mixer

I’ve been a long time KitchenAid Stand Mixer owner, I LOVE it, I can’t imagine some recipes without it! If you don’t have one and  you spend lots of time in the kitchen I’m sure you long for one. But what are you to do with this beauty once you have it in your arms? Customize it of course (some would say use it to cook, but this case it is beauty before belly)! Today I’ve rounded up the top 6 ways to customize your KitchenAid mixer to be the star of your kitchen. +PLUS…I’m VERY excited to share with you that I’ve partnered with some fun and awesome bloggers to GIVE one away!!

First check out these ideas:

Vinyl decal to decorate your mixer

1. Vinyl– I think this is the most common way, you can do everything from polka dots to monograms. Having a die cut machine makes this a breeze, but if you don’t, there are loads around the net to get your hands on. Check out Create,Craft, Love’s Vinyl Makeover

taking apart your mixer for painting

2. Paint– Still kickin’ it old school?  If so, you probably have your hands on the power house of mixers (don’t let it go) paint is a great way to get the modern color you’re looking for. You Craft Me Up! has a great tutorial how to dismantle your Mixer and get that color you desire!

Bedazzled Kitchen Aid mixer

3. Bedazzle– This idea might be a bit over the top (especially the price tag of 2 Grand!) If unique is what you’re wanting, look no further than Bling Diva Designs, where you can get a custom Mixer -covered from top to bottom is Swarovski Crystals.

Martha Stewart Clings to decorate your mixer

4. Paintable Clings- Martha Stewart and Plaid have a line of paintable clings that make remodling your mixer as easy as pie! These Clings are so easy to use (as you’ll see in Cheap Art Week tutorial), reposition-able, and are easy on the pocket-book. Definitely the simplest option, see 52 Mantels Jazzed Up Mixer.

Beautiful hand painted Kitchen Aid mixer

5. Custom Ink–  Un Amore Custom Designs has taken personalize to a whole new level, you can have Nicole Dinardo custom paint a mixer to suit your taste.  The sky is the limit with this idea, patterns, floral, pin-ups, nature, architecture, the list goes on. This is one gallery you have to click-through!

kitchenAid mixer cover

6. Cover it– You may love your mixer but the fact is they do get dusty. A fabric cover is a great way add a little personal touch and a trendy pattern,without dragging out the paint equipment. Check out Homemade by Jill to see the details of hers.

Hope you liked this little roundup of ways to Customize your mixer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you to win!

NOW on to the goodness

Do you love to cook? Do you know someone who loves to cook? Do you just want something pretty in your kitchen so that people think that you know how to cook? Regardless of the category you fall into… you’ll want this beautiful KitchenAid Mixer!

I’ve partnered with some fun and awesome bloggers, just follow along on their social media, and one of you will WIN an awesome KitchenAid mixer!

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