Coastal Kitchen Mood Board: Kitchen Renovation Plans

A coastal-themed kitchen can be both refreshing and comfortable. Take a look at this coastal kitchen mood board and this fresh kitchen style.

Kitchen Mood Board from Fynes Designs

The kitchen renovation plans have been in the works for ages. Today I want to share the plan and give you a look at the kitchen mood board. Looking at my kitchen you may be feeling like it isn’t ready for a renovation quite yet, it is certainly livable and not too outdated… after all, my house is only 12 years old.

The Current Kitchen

kitchen renovation before
Fynes Designs Kitchen before the renovation

As you can see the kitchen isn’t aesthetically bad (really just bland and unexciting).

Kitchen island before the renovation

As it would go, deeper wood tones are on their way back ‘in’. Not only is this kitchen dark for my personal style, but I’d also like it to function better while the kids are still young and the kitchen will be in its prime use.

Coastal Kitchen Mood Board

Fynes Designs Kitchen Mood Board

Silestone Quartz Counter | Pendant lights | Stools | Faucet | Soap Pump | Cabinet Pull | Cabinet Knob | Cast Iron Sink | Touch Switches

The Kitchen Renovation Plan

Fynes Designs coastal Kitchen remodel renderings with mood board

The Current Pantry

Last year I did a bit of pantry organization to hold us over until we could get to the renovation stage. It served its hold over period, but with the renovation I’m hoping for more closed food storage, give everythign a home, a bigger counter space more of a butler’s pantry that a catch all.

The Pantry Renovation Plan

Fynes Designs Kitchen remodel renderings

Coastal Kitchen Finishes Mood Board

Kitchen Mood Board from Fynes Designs

The home I live in is much smaller than those that have been hitting the scene these days. It’s an open concept ranch style bungalow with 8′ ceilings. In an effort to embrace it’s size and not constanly be striving to make it something it’s not, I’m embracing the cozy cottage vibe and adding in some light, airy and colorful coastal touches. Afterall I am on the East coast of Canada, if I can’t run with it, who can?!

Kitchen and Pantry Inspiration

I hope you follow along with my kitchen and pantry renovation. I am posting daily updates over on Instagram.

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  1. It is hard to keep your spirits up during a renovation when things just don’t arrive as you expected (or arrive at all). I love that you didn’t let this get you down but instead filled in your wait time by creating those wonderful drawer dividers. I, for one, would love to see just how you went about making them. Sending good wishes for the Supply Chain Gods to smile down on you.

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