Painted Outdoor Dining Set

I’ve constantly been on the hunt for a beautiful outdoor dining set, scouring pinterest for deck ideas, looking at set after set, pretending to have a dinner party at every piece of patio furniture I pass by in stores, but nothing. My patio set dreams have got put on the back burner summer after summer.

Then I fell in love with a set, one that we could barely afford, but darling Mr. Fynes bought it for me for Mother’s Day… only to have to return it a few weeks later because the frame was bent and the finish was already starting to rust.  Then I cried, and we went back to eating on a blanket on the front deck, the kids loved it, but blankets are for the park.

One day, just after garbage clean up, one of my cousins landed on my door-step with a gem…

vintage furntiure

You might not see the gem like qualities I did, but from my furniture studies back in the day of design school I knew what I had on my hand was a Duncan Phyfe table and 3 harp back chairs.

I’m totally a ‘restore the beauty’ type gal, and would normally spend hours stripping a piece of furniture and bringing it back to it original lustre. But this set had some issues- chipped veneer, missing claw feet, busted hardware, someone had lost their love for it to chuck it curb-side.

But… nothing that a new paint job couldn’t fix!

Painted furniture for a outdoor dining set

Ta-da!! Isn’t it peerdy?! I brought this drab dining set back to life with help from PPG Voice of Color paint and Sunbrella fabric.

I’ve been posting progress shots on Instagram while working on it, so you might have caught the sneek-peek there. I’m SO happy with the results.

Patio Chairs refurbished from a vintage dining set #sunbrealla #voiceofcolor

The fabric I chose is ‘Stanton Lagoon’ a new collection from Sunbrella. It is a premium outdoor fabric so I won’t have to be concerned with mold or mildew… and we’ve already had a few kiddo spills that haven’t been a concern either!

Painted vintage Duncan Phyfe table for an outdoor dining set The photos show the colors a touch more vibrant, but I absolutely love the combination, they coordinate perfectly with the fabric.  The colors are ‘Blue Tang PPG10-32’ and ‘Always Apple PPG1118-5’ from PPG Voice of Color. I chose exterior Sun-Proof in a Semi-Gloss for both the table and chairs.

Painted Patio Set

The remaining fabric from upholstering the chairs was the perfect amount to sew some matching placemats. The small drawer on the end of the table is perfect storage for the placemats in between meal times.

Before and after Painted deck furniture

Can you believe the transformation from garbage to a functional outdoor dining set?

Using this vintage set couldn’t be better for our home. It’s solid construction makes it heavy enough to stay put on a windy day, the perfect patio furniture!

Use a old dining set as outdoor deck furniture #voiceofcolor #sunbrella

The fourth chair doesn’t match the set of course, it’s a vintage highchair we picked up at an auction for $4, but works great for our little family!

So what do you think, was painting the furniture a good idea, what would you have done?

We’ve been dining alfresco a lot lately, I recently hosted a little party I can’t wait to share with you.

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