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DIY Decorative Thumb Tacks


I love to rummage through the button bin at thrift shops, I always come home with an assortment of gems that catch my eye. However, I rarely use post buttons (I can’t be bothered with it unless I can sew it on with my machine), but I can’t resist buying them, they seem to be the cutest. In a need to put them to use, I decided to make them into cute thumb tacks. I showcased button thumb tacks a while back on my Frugal DIY memo board but after receiving questions about how I made them, I thought I should show you how. It is so easy, follow along:


button-thumb-tacksUsing the pliers, cut off the button shank as close to the base as possible. If a small snag remains you can use sand paper to remove it.


Squeeze a small amount of E6000 onto the back of the button and apply a flat tack. Leave face down and allow to dry over-night.


These sassy thumb tacks can brighten up any cork board! Use them at home, school, or the office…tacks have never been so chic!


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