How To Make a Traditional Christmas Wreath

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Last year during the holidays my most asked question was ‘How do you make a Christmas wreath?”. This year I thought I would add to my wreath making madness and share a tutorial how you can make a Traditional Christmas Wreath. Making your own natural wreath is a great and inexpensive way to add to your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Easy to follow tutorial - How to make a Christmas wreath

To start you will need to gather a few Christmas wreath supplies

Wreath Making supplies

  • Wreath ring (the coat hanger is for making a swag, see this tutorial). I can get my rings from a Christmas tree farm, but if you can’t find a basic flat ring, one from Michaels will do.
  • Balsam Fir, approx 25- 24″ branches
  • Pine, Cedar, holly clippings *optional for embellishment 
  • Garden pruners
  • Floral wire
  • Wire snippers
  • Decorations/ floral picks
  • Floral sticks (cut skewers work too)
  • Ribbon (Mine is May Arts Ribbon)

How to make a traditional Christmas Wreath

How to cut brush to make a natural wreath

1.) After you have scoured the woods for the perfect fir brush you are going to need to clip it down to wreath size pieces.

2.) The photo above shows how I would snip the ‘arms’ off, discarding the main branch. You will need to used approximately 25 large branches to complete a 14″ Christmas wreath.

step 2 making a Christmas wreath

3.) Secure the floral wire to the metal ring.

4.)Make a small bunch of brush about 3-4 pieces. Starting with a large piece in the back, and layer on smaller pieces.

5.) Twist the wire around the cut ends of the brush to secure it to the ring.

Step 3 How to Make a traditional Chirstmas wreath

6.) Make a another bunch of brush. Lay the second bunch on top of the first, slightly lower.

7.) Wrap with wire 2-3 times around and pull the wire spool tight towards you to secure.  The arrows are indicating where I have wrapped with wire.

Step 4 how to make a wreath  8.) Repeat these steps, adding bunch by bunch until you reach back where you began the wreath.

9.) Lift up the ends of the first bunch of brush you started with and poke the final bunch in under the tips, wrap with wire to secure.

finishing a natural wreath

10.) To complete the Christmas wreath make a loop with the wire for easy hanging, and twist loose end around the wire frame.

natural Christmas wreath front and back

11.) Now that your wreath is complete, use the pruners to snip back any pieces on brush that appear too long or out of place.

12.) Decorate your Natural Christmas wreath as desired

Below are a few Christmas wreath decorating ideas

Learn to make a natural balsam fir Christmas wreath with this easy to follow tutorial

You can use toothpicks or skewers wrapped with a small piece of wire to poke the decorations right into the greenery.

How to attach ornaments to a wreath

Learn to make a traditional Christmas wreath with this easy to follow tutorial

I love making wreaths it is the perfect way to start of the holidays. A fresh wreath will last in the cold weather all winter long! (it will likely last right up to spring, say if you forget about them… not that I would ever do that, just sayin’)

Learn to make a handmade natural Christmas wreath

I love experimenting with all kinds of wreath arrangements. Here I added an oversized May Arts Ribbon 4″ Burlap bow, and some plastic deer I glittered from the dollar store.

natural Christmas wreath tutorial easy to follow step by step directions

You may remember this wreath from my Outdoor Christmas JOY sign

Be sure to check out this wreath in MERRY MAG

Merry Mag- holiday inspiration

I hope you enjoy making Christmas wreaths as much as I do.

Swing by and learn how to easily make a Christmas Swag

How to make a Christmas Door swag. Easy to follow instructions

 Looking for more inspiration? Check out my wreath boards on Pinterest

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