Handmade Bottle Brush Trees with Yarn, Twine, Garland, & Rope

There are ooooodles of posts online about creating your own bottle brush trees. I thought I’d add to the mess! Creating your trees from unique materials such as yarn, twine, garland, and nylon rope, you’ll be sure to have the coolest trees on the block!

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Handmade bottle brush trees

First you’ll need to gather a few tools (nothing major)

  1. two pairs of pliers (one with wire snippers),
  2. wire, yarn, twine, garland, rope,
  3. a wine cork
  4. a knife.

How to create your own bottle brush trees from fynesdesigns.com

Just a few simple steps to create these awesome little bottle brush trees

  • Cut strands of rope (mine is nylon, I just used what we had), untwist it a bit but don’t feel you have to go crazy it will separate a bit when you twirl it.
  • Cut a length of wire (mine was 18g) fold it in half and slip over your pile of rope
  • Pinch each end of your wire with the pliers and give a few twists. You can then drop one pair of pilers and twist with your hand, until you feel it is tight enough. Make sure your stump is well twisted. At this point it will look terrible, like a fat pom pom.
  • Trim the tree, cut a wine cork (in a slice for small trees and lengthways for larger trees) poke wire into the cork to stand your tree.

Wrap yarn, string, twine, and garland around a glass to make your own bottle brush trees

Rather than cutting strips when using yarn, twine, string or garland you can wrap it around a glass and slide it off.

Have a look at the bottle brush trees using different materials

Tutorial for creating rope, garland, yarn and twine, bottle brush trees

A few of the trees I chose to dye (like the green one above) check out this tree dying video for tips. Who knew you  can bleach traditional bottle brush trees?

Colourful bottle brush trees made with unique materials How will I display my little forest?  I picked up this wooden crate at the thrift shop that makes the perfect display box.

bottle brush tree tutorial from fynesdesigns.com

The yarn trees were by far the easiest to shape, and what a perfect way to use up scrap pieces.

Handmade bottle brush tree tutorial

Want to make these quick and easy? BUY the DIY kit now, with all the materials included. You’ll just need scissors and pliers!

Holiday Handmade trees DIY kit to make your own bottle brush trees

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Have you hauled out your Holiday decorations yet? I’d love to see. Pop by my FB page and share what you’ve been doing!

Check out how I used these little Bottle Brush Trees this year

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