Crochet Beginner 1 Hour Cowl

January 19th, 2013 | Gift Idea, Learn How

Make this in 1 hour, and only 1 ball of yarn! would make an awesome cheap gift

Let me set things straight from the get-go. I am not a crocheter (is that even a word?). I most certainly know my way around a ball of yarn when it comes to knitting, but I can’t read a pattern to save my life, so my crocheting skills haven’t progressed past the basic stitches.

Enter Crochet Beginner 1-hour cowl

One basic stitch and you’re golden, you can fool anyone into thinking you are a pro. First you must learn how to make a chain, then a double crochet stitch. Ka-pow…now you have the skills to make this 1 hour cowl (can you believe all the fuss has been over something so simple?)

Beginner 1 Hour COWL!  Awesome Gift idea! #gift #diy #crochet

For this Crochet Beginner Cowl project you will need:

  • 1 ball of chunky yarn (something soft, it will be rubbing up against your neck and face)
  • A fat crochet hook (mine is 12mm)
  • 3 large buttons (optional)

Make this in 1 hour, and only 1 ball of yarn! Perfect for a beginner

How to make a 1 hour Cowl

Make a chain of 45-55 stitches; try this chain around your neck to see that it will be the proper length.  Turn and work your Double Crochet Stitch to the end. Turn, remember to chain 2 stitches before you continue to Double Crochet the row (*I also like to count my stitches after I complete a row, I find if I don’t it ends up getting lop sided*).  Repeat. Repeat until your ball of yarn is gone, or you feel it is bulky enough. Join ends together to make a circle. You may choose to put a twist in it before connecting the ends together, or sew 3 buttons down one side. No need to fuss with button holes, your project is holy enough, just stick them through where you see fit. Now sit back in amazement that you crocheted a project, and proceed to make one for everyone you know. Happy learning! crochet beginner 1 hour cowl

P.S. I totally feel weird about photographing myself for this post, but I really had a hard time getting a good shot of the cowl. I tried Ruby but it fit her like a jacket!

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