Flirty Valentine Panty Refashion

Raise your hand if you’re getting flirty on Valentine’s Day with your special someone… then you’re going to need a special number for flirty time! I was a little hesitant to do this post as I can’t decide if the content is too risque for day time blogging, but we’re all girls right? And who doesn’t love a sexy number that won’t break the bank? So today I have for you a little pantie refashion that will make you’re partner go me-ow! I set out to Walmart to buy a pretty pair of red panties, they rang in at $3! A far cry from the $16.50 Victoria is asking (are you singing a Gretchen Wilson song in your head right now?… me too, ha!)

Before and after panties

From your cheap panties this is how to recreate them into something irresistible:

1. Cut panties at side seams.

2. Cut lengths of 392-58-14 box pleat red ribbon  that are the length of waist to leg band. Pin to bum and sew using a stretch stitch. Sew a length on the front waist band also.

3. Sew stands of 434-15-14 stitched sheer to side seams. Tie in a bow.

4. Rock your sexy panties for your fella, bomp chicka whom whom!





Thanks so much to my friend Angie at Spoil Me Rotten for the use of her Mannequin.

I’hope you get supah sexy with your main squeeze this Valentines day, give this refashion a try he won’t be able to resist!

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  1. Wow! Very cute idea. How come these always look better on the mannequin than on me!

  2. Wow! Haven’t ever even thought of sewing on panties! You are so clever and crafty!! Rock your cute panties, girl!

  3. wow how sexy is this. love what you have done the ribbon is Beautiful on the panties. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win

  4. LOL…..these really are cute! Not for my bum…..but I do love them! And as for the ‘all girls’ comments…you do know that we have male scrappers, right? LOL…..I know they will like these as well. I am going to be thinking of red panties all day now!~!

  5. Jennifer I says:

    Those are soooo cute! I would make a pair but the last thing I want to do is draw attention to my oversized assets!

  6. What a perfect pair of panties and a great way to unwrap a Valentine present.

  7. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Jeepers creepers, you will have SOOOOME peepers (looking through your window) 🙂

  8. Miriam Prantner says:

    I was wondering where you got that mannequin from! This turned out great!

  9. Natasha Poteraj says:

    That is very cute. I like the ribbons on the sides.

  10. Rosie Sato says:

    Very cute and clever red ruffly panties 🙂

  11. Madame Wong says:

    Super cute – love the rumba ruffles on the back. 🙂

  12. These are most adorable, and your post cracks me up! What do you mean by a stretch stitch?? I’d love to know!

    1. Thanks Karen! Stretch stitch is usually the second option on your sewing machine. It looks like a few rows of dashed lines together. It looks like embroidery when sewn but gives the seam a bit of stretch.

  13. I loved this post! What an eye popping Valentine present it would make for a lucky partner! I’m sure I’d have to use “extra” ribbon on my panties, though. LOL!

  14. Gigi Viveiros Black says:

    What a cool idea!

  15. va va voom. Such a cool idea. Love it. Will definitely copy, or at least suggest to my 20 something customers 🙂

  16. Love the added detail the ribbon makes. And you can’t beat the price!

  17. Mary Lou H says:

    Great project. Just wish I had the body to wear them.

  18. Aren’t these adorable and slightly naughty. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  19. That’s such a smart idea! Fancy panties are so expensive and yet I’ve never thought of modifying some cheap ones myself. Thanks!

  20. Valerie Gee says:

    Such a cute project – fun and flirty! I have nothing but scraps of ribbon though, so I’m not sure I could achieve the same look, LOL! TFS!

  21. Sandra Smith says:

    Sexy and sassygirl00 and you did it yourself. very pretty too!

  22. Verna Angerhofer says:

    I love your idea and even better than Victoria Secrets.

  23. Adorable.What a great idea.

  24. Janet Abreu says:

    Wowza! Love the ties at the sides! Bomp chicka whom whom, lol!!! Cracked me up!!

  25. Wohoo, love how those turned out!

  26. Way to think outside the box girlfriend!!! Woo hoo….

  27. Teresa Igo says:

    from granny to fancy!

  28. Barbara H says:

    Cute remake of the Walmart buy, could definitely go up against a Victoria Secret pantie.

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