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November 24th, 2014 | Gift Idea, Learn How

Needle felting is a craft that isn’t done nearly enough! Needle felting is perfect for all ages, takes little materials to get started, and you can make a not only flat items but dimensional things too. Today I wanted to share a fun gift idea Needle Felted wool socks.

How to add cute needle felted pattern to your wool socks -super easy, great for beginners

I know what you’re thinking… who wants socks for a gift? But these ones are sooo cute (and cozy) they’ll be begging for a pair!

These socks will cost you only a few dollars  and can be made in about the time it takes you to get through a TV show!

What you’ll need

  • Wool socks (cotton works too)
  • Felting needle (The needle pictured is a bit nicer than standard but you can buy a single needle for a few dollars)
  • Roving wool
  • Needle Mat, Bristle brush or a piece of thick foam (I use a shoe brush)

* You can find all these needle felting supplies at Michaels 

How to Needle Felt

If you’ve never needle felted before this is a great beginner project. If you decide it isn’t the craft for you you’ll only be out a few dollars (but I doubt it, its so easy to do you’ll love it).

How to add cute needle felted pattern to your wool socks -makes a great gift idea

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Insert the brush or styrofoam into the sock (this is so you have something for the needle to poke into).
  3. Rip off two small balls of roving, shape them into loose ovals with your fingers.
  4. Lay the ovals together to form a heart, where you’d like them to be placed on the sock.
  5. Begin to poke the wool with the felting needle.
  6. Poke, poke, poke, and then poke some more. As you poke the wool fibres are becoming intertwined with those of the sock.
  7. When the hearts becomes firm you are ready to move onto the next one.
  8. Add as many hearts as you like, or maybe an monogram! If your shaping skills aren’t quite up to snuff, you can also lay a cookie cutter onto the sock and fill it with wool to maintain a shape, you can see an example of this method on Honestly WTF.
  9. Viola, cute and easy gift idea for any age!

How to add cute needle felted pattern to your wool socks -super easy, great for beginners

Can you believe how easy that was?! You have to try it!

Check out these other great needle felting tutorials for more project ideas and tips-

Today lots of other awesome Canadian bloggers are sharing some fun handmade holiday gift ideas too, check out what they have created by following the hashtag


I hope you add these needle felted wool socks to your must make list, plus find some other fun, easy and inexpensive handmade gifts to add to your list this year!

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