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June 27th, 2013 | Home Decor, Made for Kids, Wall Decor


Back in March I shared my Sweet Little Girl’s Bedroom with you. I had planned to back it up with my boys bedroom, but here it is June and I am finally just getting around to it!

boy-bedroom Before Levi was born we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl so we didn’t change the room until after he was here. The room was hot pink so the switch to red was the best option, for quick coverage (thanks to my sistahs BJ and Lynds for that!)

slink-dog-quilt  I made the little slinky dog quilt when I was pregnant with baby #1, just held it over, waiting for the day we got a little boy!

motorbike-display The motorbike collection is my hubby’s. I think there is a Harley for every year they’ve been made! The oldest even has a little rubber band for the chain, how cute eh?

name-wall-art Only a few seconds to create this wall decor piece. I used pattern paper and a deck of alphabet flash cards, $2 frames from Walmart.

boy-diy-mobile I created the colourful mobile with cardstock, jump-rings  and  quilting hoops. Under $5 to make!

night-shirt-framed This piece of decor has a tiny bit of history. This is my dads gown from 1933, the cotton is so soft.


Would you believe it if I told you this crib was built in the 1950’s?? All off my brothers and sisters called this their resting ground, and lot of my nieces and nephews too. It was a honey color, but I re-finished it to match the antique store dresser. I hope you like the little touches of my boys bedroom. Sadly 2 years has passed so quickly, it will soon be time for a big boy bed (tear)!

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