Easy Way to Bulk up Window Trim- ORC Week 3

After all the cleaning, painting and planning this week the front room still wasn’t the ahhhh I was going for. I began searching for an easy way to bulk up window trim. I was certain that was the solution to matching the room to my vision and giving the window trim the flare it deserves.

One Room Challenge week 3 inspiration

Week 3 of The One Room Challenge was quite productive… cue the back patting!

One Room Challenge

Easy Way to Bulk up Window Trim

The windows in the front room are quite grand, the builder grade trim work in the house just doesn’t do them any justice. However, as it was an afterthought I didn’t budget in replacing the trim. I searched around for an easy solution. I found this post from Sawdust Girl How to Bulk up your Window Casings. She shares a great tutorial when you have a bit more planning on your side.

Before and after adding a header to your trim work

I hit the hardware store and found an easy solution, where I could achieve the look I wanted with just a few mitered cuts. Metrie has a variety of Architrave moldings to choose from that can easily be added to the top of your existing trim work to give it a custom look.

Architrave moulding with french curves from Metrie

I chose French Curves. The best part I did 3 window frames and 3 door frames for around $100! I still need to paint the trim, but with little to no planning, I was able to bulk up window trim with very easily.

window trim, before and after adding a header

As you can see, I also added a high chair rail with a ledge, to give the room a bit more architectural interest.

One Room Challenge week 3 progress

Here is the final result at the end of week 3. Lots of mess to clean, furniture to move. Below is what I hope to accomplish in the coming week.

  • Paint trim work
  • Move table
  • Change light fixture
  • Assemble Sofa
  • Reupholster chair
  • Sew draperies
  • Source artwork
  • Source shelf decor

Thank you for following along with my Spring One Room Challenge Makeover. Be sure to visit the ORC blog to check out all the amazing transformations happening!

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  1. Wow that is such an impressive transformation! That’s definitely a change I’m comfortable making on my own. I’ve always wanted to make the trim in our home look better but the idea of tearing out to the old trim made me nervous.

    1. I’m the same! so much work and expense. I love this quick fix!

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