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Summer Wreath

Do you struggle with ideas to spiff up your doors when there isn’t a holiday on the horizon? Today I have a summer wreath idea I couldn’t wait to share. I came across these flat baskets at a thrift shop and decided they would be a great starting point for a unique wreath. What does someone use a flat basket for anyhow?


I gave the the basket a coat of spray paint to better coordinate with my supplies. I used a sheet of Basic Grey pattern paper for the background, and created the rest with May Arts Ribbon and a little elbow grease.


I had a total eureka moment when I accidentally discovered how to make these faux burlap flowers. The ribbon is wired so each one can be shaped to have a different look.


For the stand alone flowers you will need approx.  12-14″ of faux burlap and the ones adorned with a shabby frayed flower approx. 6-8″. Gently pull a centre sting from the cut length of ribbon. The flower will start to form by spiralling into a coil. When there is a few inches remaining of uncoiled ribbon, tuck the end into the hole in the centre and join the two cut ends with hot glue. Shape into a beautiful flower, and embellish with a decorative button.


 I used 1/2″ woven burlap to disguise the edges of the paper, and secure the layers together.


I am so glad you stopped by today to check out my Summer Wreath. Check out the project gallery for other wreath ideas. This post is the final project for my May Arts Design Team application, keep your fingers crossed for me! Visit the MA blog to see all the final applicants.

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  1. Love it! Fingers are crossed!

  2. Great use of a basket most of us have stuffed into a closet somewhere…very pretty wreath.

    1. Thanks Cathy! We all have those ‘will use’ stashed items!

  3. Angel Chambers says:

    This is beautiful and so unique! I want to make burlap flowers now!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Those “flat” baskets are paper plate holders; we had those growing up.

  5. How adorable!! They look like Victorian flowers, very sweet. Those darn wicker plates, I must have at least a dozen in my cupboards… 🙂

  6. Kermette Petersen says:

    Hello! Cute idea! I wanted to let you know that I’ve seen those flat baskets used to hold paper plates. They keep the paper plate from becoming too flimsy from the weight of the food (great for picnics!).

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