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Beginner-Friendly Leather Crafts To Make With Leather Scraps

Are you staring at a pile of leather scraps, wondering what leather crafts you can make out of scraps? Or perhaps you’re eager to dip your toes into the timeless art of leather crafting but don’t know where to start. Leather, offers a canvas for creativity, even from the smallest pieces. Before you think of discarding those remnants, check out these beginnner friendly leather craft projects to make with your scraps.

Dive Into the World of Leather Crafting: Top 10 Beginner-Friendly Leather Crafts Using Scraps

Top 10 Leather crafts to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top Canadian craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Leather Camera Strap

This DIY leather camera strap project, not only elevates your photography gear but adds a functional twist with a built-in pocket for your camera lens cap. This tutorial complete with a free pattern and a detailed step-by-step tutorial, is designed to cater to crafters of all skill levels. Using scrap leather, you’ll craft a durable and stylish camera strap, while the ingenious addition of a pocket ensures your lens cap is always within reach and secure. The instructions will guide you through each step, from cutting and assembling the leather to attaching the pocket and customizing the strap to suit your style. This leather craft project is a practical accessory for any photography enthusiast but also offers the satisfaction of creating something truly unique and personalized.

Never loose your lens cap again- Sew this free pattern

No-Sew Leather Keychain 

Our DIY leather key fob or keychain project is designed for someone completely new to leathercraft, with no tools required. This accessible project includes a free pattern and a step-by-step tutorial that guides you through creating a chic and durable accessory from scratch. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a quick and satisfying craft, this project utilizes easy-to-handle leather pieces and simple techniques that don’t require any special tools. With straightforward cutting and folding steps, you’ll transform a piece of leather into a stylish key fob or keychain. Personalize your creation with different colors or by adding your initials for a touch of individuality. This easy DIY leather project is not only awesome for your keys but also serves as a thoughtful handmade gift for friends and family.

How To make a Leather Key Fob in less than 5 Minutes

Leather Makeup Bag

Create a chic accessory with this DIY leather makeup bag project, combining canvas fabric and leather corners to give this project durability to otherwise simple projects for a personalized and stylish way to organize your cosmetics.

Add leather to the corners of a basic zipper pouch for a unique design

Leather Baby Slippers

Delve into the world of leather crafting with this delightful beginner project – handmade leather baby booties. These charming little booties are not only an adorable gift for new parents but also an excellent way for beginners to learn and practice basic leatherworking skills.

The pattern is straightforward, ensuring a rewarding experience even for those who have never worked with leather before.

You’ll need only a few basic tools and materials for this leather craft, such as a piece of soft leather, needles, thread, and a pattern. The project focuses on hand-stitching, offering a perfect opportunity to master this essential skill in leatherworking.

Leather baby slippers, craft idea for using leather scraps from fynes Designs

Leather Luggage Tag

Ideal for beginners, this simple project involves techniques such as cutting leather into a rectangular shape, punching holes for the strap, and applying a grommet. The process is straightforward, allowing even those with no prior experience in leatherworking to achieve a professional-looking finish. You can use a projector sheet or recycled plastic for the window.

Not only does this handmade leather luggage tag add a personal touch to your travel gear, but it also serves as a great practice piece for honing skills.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Leather Credit Card Wallet or Business Card Holder

This credit card wallet, made from a small piece of scrap leather, is an excellent project to get into leather crafts. In addition to the leather, you will just need a button for the closure. This can be a high-quality accessory buy just using a little creativity.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS
Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Business Card Holder

Alternatively, you can just make a few small adjustments to be used as a business card holder. To have a patterned lining you can use spray adhesive to keep it in place, then sew around the edges.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Leather Hair Band

As someone who usually doesn’t prefer hairbands, I was pleasantly surprised by this one, crafted from leather scraps as part of a beginner leather crafting project. The rough side of this excellent material stayed securely against my hair, making it a practical and stylish accessory.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Personalized Kids Leather Tool Belt

A leather tool belt is the perfect accessory for your little builder! Using only leather scraps you can create a high-quality, durable tool belt that withstands active play. Sized just right for children, it features multiple pockets and loops to hold a variety of tools and gadgets, ensuring they have everything they need for their imaginative projects.

What sets this tool belt apart is the personalization option. You can add your child’s name or initials on the belt using a contrasting leather color, or an embossing tool, making it a unique and special item that they will treasure. Whether they’re assisting with real DIY tasks or just creative play, this personalized tool belt will make them feel like a true craftsman. This project with encourage creativity, responsibility, and the joy of learning through doing. This would make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion to celebrate your little one’s growing interests and skills.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Leather Phone Case

Creating an accessory to add an extra layer of protection for your device will give it a safe and snug embrace. Whether you’re on the go, at work, or enjoying leisure time, this leather case combines elegance with practicality, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to safeguard their device in style.  This pouch case offers a sophisticated look while providing durable protection against scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear. By using the right leather with a supple grain you could use this same concept to craft a glasses case.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Leather Photo Book

Kids love to look at photos and have some to keep, a leather photo book is soft, and they can’t rip or wrinkle the pics. Sewing a photo book would be perfect easy leahter craft to make as a gift, for small children, or to add to mom’s purse.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS
Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

Leather Bracelet

Crafting a leather bracelet involves cutting premium leather into strips, adding personalized touches through embossing or stitching, and fastening with elegant hardware to create a unique and stylish accessory.

Metal Etching with the Silhouette Curio- create metal ID tags for necklaces and bracelets

Leather Stroller Bag

Too many items to juggle when out for a walk with bebe? A handy leather tote for you to corral baby’s small items that can hang easily from the stroller handle.

Top 10 Projects to Make with Leather Scraps featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS

What Can You Craft Out Of Leather?

I hope you’ve found inspiration in this list of beginner-friendly DIY leather projects perfect for breathing new life into leather scraps. From chic accessories to useful everyday items, the projects I’ve shared are designed to minimize waste while opening the door to the rewarding world of leather craftsmanship. Crafting with leather scraps not only showcases your creativity but also champions sustainability, proving that even the smallest pieces have significant potential. I encourage you to gather those leather bits and embark on your own creative and eco-friendly crafting adventure. Here’s to transforming leftovers into cool leather projects!

Looking for more creative Leather Crafts? This list of 40 leather projects will sure to have to wheels spinning.

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  1. Love the idea of the luggage tags, and the headband! I don’t think I have any leather scraps that would be big enough for a hairband at the moment, but I’ll keep my eyes open for one.

    I’ve got a leather tooling kit in storage right now that I need to dig out and play around with again, too. I’ve got a lot of scrap pieces of leather, and a couple of people have inquired into me making them bookmarks with their initials or names tooled in. That’s another idea for using up some scraps.

    1. ooo.. bookmarks good one, I’ve got some readers on my gifts list! For the head band I actually used two short pieces there is a seam at the back of your head. Thanks for looking. V

  2. carmen clem says:

    Virginia, you are BRILLIANT – I’m not surprised your mother had a hand in this!!!

  3. How about remote control holders and magnetic picture frames to spiff up the front of my…..errrr the fridge!!!

      1. GREAT ideas!! I’ll have to maybe up the anti to 15, someone else suggested bookmarks

  4. ok, you are amazing. That tool belt is fanTABulous!! And I love the debit card wallet. I friggin love reading this blog, despite my own craft skills being pretty limited. I can’t WAIT to see you this summer! Love!

    1. Thanks so much Sal, I’m actually really enjoying doing this, despite my own writing/grammar skills! Looking forward to see yous too!

  5. Mohammad Parvez says:

    Thanks to sharing ideas….

  6. Kevin Knapp says:

    I no this is a very old post but if any one still does this stuff hit me up for great cheap prices on leather. I have about 6,500 lbs and full sides being 30 to 40 square feet. 607 742 5798

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