10 Project Ideas for Leather Scraps

April 30th, 2012 | Made with Fabric, Sewing


Dempsey’s Custom Sewing Upholstery shop in located in Berwick it is owned and operated by two great people Bill and Julie. You can check out their shop and some of their work here:  http://www.facebook.com/DempseysCustomSewingAndUpholstery These folks always think of me when it comes to leftover  leather scraps and fabric/discontinued fabric books.  Now to most, these remnants are nothing more that garbage, but Julie know there is potential so she passes them on with hope of them becoming something else.  I think they are great, even if they are only a snipit, I would never otherwise have my hands on fabric that costs a few hundred dollars a meter.

I had some time this past weekend (thanks to my mom) to poke around the sewing machine.  I managed to come up with 10 little projects.  None of these projects are ‘call the newspaper’ ideas, most you’ve seen before, but what is great about them is I didn’t spend a dime (especially because I was at moms so I was using her thread!) I also used no special tools. Scissors, sewing machine with a blue jean needle, thread, pen, and ruler.

Here we go:

1. Baby slippers– the photos would be much sweeter if they were on little feet, but my baby is too big for these booties, so I had to improvise.

2. Luggage Tag- for the plastic window I used the front page of one of the fabric sample books, but a overhead projector sheet would work good too.

3. Credit/debit purse– the button is from my moms stash, she said it was actually from a old school bra.

4. Business card holder– I used spray adhesive to hold the fabric in place before I sewed it on.

5. Hair band– I’m not much into wearing hairbands but this one seemed to stay in place quite well with the rough side against my hair.

6. Personalized kids tool belt- My nephews birthday is this week, so this project was double duty.

7.I pod/ phone case-  I think I’ll put this one to good use.

8. Photo book- Ruby loves to look at photos, and have some to keep, so I though this would be perfect. It is soft, and she can rip or wrinkle the pics.

9. Bracelet- This is just a short version of the hair band, but so cute that they were in production before I left the sew machine.

10. Stroller bag-  I bought my stroller second hand, and a few of the pieces are missing.  There is no place to set anything. I must credit my sister BJ for this idea.

These projects were all fairly easy to make. I hope this post got the wheels turning if you have any leather scraps lying around (if not I see pieces at thrift stores often). I was fortunate that the samples already had the gromets on them, but you can buy a grommet kit at most fabric stores.  Hope you enjoyed these.

Happy crafting!


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