1 dish towel, 85" of ribbon, and 10 minutes of your time! Makes a cheap and easy gift! #apron #kitchen #sewing #beginnerI love to sew and I’ve been spending a bit of time in front of the sewing machine lately. Sadly and to be honest, “a lot of time” to me is really about 20 mins, so quick projects are what I need to feed this hobby! I wanted to share these dish towel aprons that will seriously only take 10 minutes to whip together! I timed myself making one and it was 7 mins, so I have faith you can do it in under 10 too!

Supplies to make a Dish Towel Apron:

  • 1 dish towel (Mine are just regular size 27″ x 21″)
  • 85″ of Ribbon, (at least 1.5″ wide, the wider the better) I suggest 85″, but you can measure to suit your body size. May Arts has a great selection of grosgrain options.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Stick Pins

How to make a Dish Towel Apron-

If you can sew a straight line with your sewing machine you are on your way to some very cute and easy aprons! You will need to first make the pleats. Armed with your stick pins, let me show you how…

Sew an apron in 10 Mins! via fynesdesigns.com

  1. Fold the dish towel in half (widthwise).
  2. Pinch the fabric 1″ back from the centre fold you just created.
  3. Push your finger into the fold, making a ‘T’ shape.
  4. Pinch one side of the ‘T’ and bring the edge of dish towel back to meet it. Pin in place, repeat with the other side of the ‘T’.
  5. Fold the outside edge of the towel into the centre to meet the pleat you’ve just created. Repeat step 2-4.
  6. Repeat with opposite side of the towel. You should now have 3 pleats evenly spaced along the long edge of the dish towel to hold the pleats in place.
  7. Baste a straight line along the top edge of the tea towel.
  8. Fold the length of ribbon in half and line the centre up with the middle pleat. Pin in place covering up the pleats, to create a waistband.
  9. Using a straight stitch, sew around the parameter of the ribbon that is attached to the dish towel, creating a long rectangle of stitches.

apron waistband

That’s it, how easy, right?!

Create this apron in 1 dish towel, a piece of ribbon and 10 Mins of your time! #apron #sew #sewing #beginner #crafts #DIY #ribbon

This one I added a fun little Pom Pom trim detail, cute, eh?!

Create this apron in 1 dish towel, a piece of ribbon and 10 Mins of your time! #apron #sew #sewing #beginner #crafts #DIY #ribbon

The third apron I added a bit more detail. A ruffled colourful ribbon, and a fabric flower. Still a simple dish towel apron, but a bit more flashy and fun!
Create this apron in 1 dish towel, a piece of ribbon and 10 Mins of your time! #apron #sew #sewing #beginner #crafts #DIY #ribbon

Add a easy fabric flower to an apron via fynesdesigns.com

Can you believe how easy these dish towel aprons are? With a $7 pack of dish towels and only 30 mins (10 mins x 3 aprons) of time you’ll have 3 gifts perfect for a bridal shower, new neighbour, or the foodie on your list! I wear an apron every day so I think I’ll add these to my own stash.Make these cute aprons from dish towels! Great beginner project! via fynesdesigns.com

Are you an apron wearer? Full body or half, which do you prefer?

Perfect Beginner project. Create these Easy Dishtowel aprons  and you'll feel like a pro!

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34 thoughts on “10 Minute Dish Towel Apron

    1. Virginia Post author

      These dishtowels are “Everyday Essentials” from the Superstore (if you’re in Canada) I often see cute ones at Homesense or Tj Max or Marshalls in the US. Good luck, happy sewing!


  1. Ginnie

    Hi, Virginia! Popping over from Link It or Lump It. I love these so much! I can’t wait to find the perfect dish towel to try it out:) thanks for sharing!


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  4. jellibeanjournals

    These are way cute, Virginia! I can’t sew a lick, but will probably send my mom a link to this so she can get her crafty hands to work. Pinned instantly! I wear an apron when I remember, but most of the time it’s a full apron. Since I tend to lean against the counter tops when I’m stirring and baking I usually get my shirt dirty if I only use my half-apron, though I do like it because that one has pockets.


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