Farmhouse Mudroom Makeover- Just with Paint

February 2nd, 2015 | Learn How

Oh my goodness, it’s February! How did the last month slip by? Wait, how did the last 3 months slip by?

It was back in November when I shared this paint inspiration on Facebook and Instagram and haven’t had a chance to reveal this awesome mudroom makeover!

PPG color inspiration for a Mudroom makeover

My mom lives in an old farm house. The large Mudroom (as we call the big porch) had doubled as the employee entrance for about 30 years, it had an employee washroom, farm storage, and where boots, coats and rain gear hung (essentially everything that needed a dropping zone). Since the farm had closed up shop a few years ago, the space still hadn’t been reclaimed into useable home square footage. My mom and I went on a cleaning and painting rampage just before the holidays and you’re not going to believe the results!

In its 100% Varnished plywood glory here is the Mudroom before, I’m holding my breath, my mom might kill me for sharing…

Ugly mudroom makeover

To thisdrum roll please…

Beautiful Mud Room Makeover with only paint

and this…

Beautiful Mud Room Makeover with only paint  from Voice of Color

oh, and this angle too…

Beautiful Mud Room Makeover with Voice of Color paint

It was amazing to see this transformation. Taking a space that looked so dark, dingy and dirty (since I was a child), breathing some life into it, and making a useable space was really something.

Beautiful Mud Room Makeover with Voice of Color PPG paint

Can you believe the power of paint of paint in this mudroom makeover?!

After a good cleaning the whole room was painted using PPG Voice of Color Semi Gloss Manor Hall paint. I chose to use a semi gloss paint for the added washability, plus it is a primer, paint and stain repellant all in one can!

The Voice of Color Paint

Color inspiration from PPG Voice of Color

Choosing the colors is always my favourite part. My mom didn’t have many requests, she just wanted something that would stand the test of time, and handle the everyday dirt of a mud room, and pleasing to all four seasons. I thought painting the room with a brighter accent wall would really give the look of the beginning of the house as her interior paint also has some great splashes of color too!

You can check out the colors I used on the Voice of Color website: ACAPULCO CLIFFS PPG1150-5NAPOLEON PPG1013-7Hot Stone PPG1007-4

Farm house Mudroom makover- you HAVE to see the before

We didn’t do much other than paint this space, we changed the hardware on the cabinets, added a DIY bulletin board, and I painted the sign below with the leftover paint.

This sign is perfect for the farm house, always family and friends dropping by to get some of my the cozy down home atmosphere and her yummy cooking (ok, probably mainly for the cooking, the smell of her home baked bread reaches all the way out to this pretty porch, the perfect welcome home feeling).

Farm house Mudroom makover- you HAVE to see the before

This wall is a bit bare, but as time goes on I’m sure it will get filled with gardening necessities.

Farm house Mudroom makover- you HAVE to see the before

I also made this simple DIY mason jar vase box, as the weather gets weather warms I’m sure it will get filled with beautiful garden clippings.

Farm house Mudroom makover- you HAVE to see the before

A few of the vintage baskets and crates kicking around the farm made for well disguised storage of hats gloves and out of season items.

Farm house Mudroom makover- you HAVE to see the before

The old boot shaped boot rack made the throw out cut, too cute to ditch. This is original DIY at its finest.

Plus I found a great place for the Harvest sign I created back in the fall.

a boot shaped boot rack- clever

I think this mudroom makeover is by far the most drastic I’ve helped with, the whole family is pleased with the results.

All it took was a little paint and elbow grease!

Mudroom makeover before and after

Thanks so much for stopping in to see this mudroom makeover. I have a few other little home makeovers in the works, I can’t wait to share them with you.

Disclosure: PPG has provided the paint for this project. As always the opinions expressed in this blog post reflect my honest opinion.

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