Mini Patio Makeover

Whew, how did it get to be mid June already?! We’re just starting to warm up here in Nova Scotia. They blackflies and mosquitoes have dissipated (just in time for the June bugs to arrive) and we can finally start to enjoy some outdoor living. Two years ago my brother (aka Captain Carpentry) helped add a back deck to our home. We haven’t had much of an opportunity to use the patio, but late last fall my husband installed a hot tub and it’s basically only been used as a thoroughfare to the warm water. With the hustle and bustle of starting a new business (The Union Street if you haven’t got to check it out yet), I don’t have loads of time for fixing things up these days. In an effort to not spend what little summer we have fussing about how to use and decorate the patio, I thought I’d jump right in and set it up. We still need to think about painting or staining the deck, and just planted fresh grass, but that can come when we have a little more free time. For now this little Mini Patio Makeover will have to do.

Mini Patio Makeover in an afternoon

This is the blankslate I started with before…

Mini Patio Makeover Before

Not much to look at, or very inviting if we want to have guests over for a BBQ.

To get the ball rolling I knew I needed to add some greenery. Planting perennials or anything in the ground wasn’t an option since we’re just working on the grass, so planters were the perfect solution! I talked with some really helpful folks at my Atlantic Superstore ® what would suitable for my north-facing deck, and got some great information from the My PC Garden website. The Atlantic Superstore® in the Maritimes are supplied with plants from Forest Glen Greenhouses right here in NS, so I find comfort knowing I’m supporting a local grower.

red verbena for #PCGarden

I chose to get an assortment of  PC Gigantico planters mixed with Unstoppable Upright Fire Begonia, Calibrachoa Kona Hot Orange, Popstar Bidens and Red Lanai Verbena which will thrive in either shade/sun. The way my deck is, part of it is under shade most of the day.

Since my thumb is a bit on the blacker side than green I also picked up some PC Magic Grow plant food is designed to be added just once per season, YES ONCE (one application feeds for up to 6 months) – sprinkle it on top of the soil in each container and each time you water, some food will be released (see also instructions on the jar).

Patio planters from #PCGarden

Of course our deck needed some patio furniture that would work with the built in bench seat.

Mini Patio Makeover. DIY table made from Shanty To Chic plans

I built this table in an afternoon, loosely following a plan I found on Shanty to Chic. Their version of this farmhouse table is much larger, but I was able to alter it to fit perfectly to coordinate with the built in bench.

Handmade mason jar flower box

I painted the table with Voice of Color Calvary 549-7, the chairs with Citrus Spice PPG 1216-6, and the table flower box with Shrimp Boat PPG 1196-4.

Voice of Color patio colors

The color scheme works so well with the pieces I chose from the The Home Collection at Atlantic Superstore. The dishes are made from Bamboo!  Dishwasher safe and is made from renewable resources.

PC HOME collection for patio dining

PC Outdoor Living Bamboo dishes

I’m really amazed how my patio was transformed in only a day. What a difference a little color and some beautiful flowers makes!

Mini Patio makeover

Won’t our patio be so inviting for family and friends to come for a BBQ and a dip in the tub?! We’re ready to get this party started!!

Mini Patio makeover just by adding a bit of color and flowers

red verbena for #PCGarden

The warm colors of the PC Gigantico planters work so well with the siding color, certainly complimentary!


I encourage you to visit www.mypcgarden.ca for full info on the Lawn & Garden at the Atlantic Superstore garden centres for this year. Choose the Garden Book tab and then select the relevant book to find info and products relevant to your Canadian region.

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  1. Your patio looks so lovely…inviting and ready for summer! I’m loving all of your new plants too!

  2. OMG, I LOVE it! So inviting!

  3. Virginia – it looks so cozy and colourful! I love it! You amaze me with your building skills, woman! 🙂

  4. The plants you choose (Verbena, Viburnum and Syringa vulgaris) are fits perfectly. Very cool design.

  5. Paul Fynes says:

    The deck looks great.

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