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Old Desk Makeover with Voice of Color

Last garbage clean up day I scored a solid wood desk at my neighbor’s curbside (It’s not embarrassing to call someone and ask them to haul their garbage back in away from the side of the road, eh?). Once I had the furniture in my possession I knew a desk makeover was in order.  Just a little dab of PPG Voice of Color , and a tiny bit of elbow grease and voila a new desk was born!

Desk makeover with Voice of Color paint

Lets have a look at the before…

hello 1980

old desk makeover. You have to see how great it looks after!

Other than being a site for sore eyes, the desk was solid wood and completely functional. Who would throw away such a gem… oh the possibilities!

DIY old desk makeover, you should see the before!

To update the desk I added some small trim around the outside edge of each drawer front, and added a shelf since I knew I wouldn’t be using it as a desk. Then came the paint, my favourite part!

PPG Voice of Color Desk makeover paint colors

I wasn’t certain where I would be using the piece so I went with fairly neutral colors. Napoleon PPG1013-7 is so bold and rich looking. Oatmeal PPG1023-1 really makes the drawer fronts pop.  I used a Manor Hall latex paint in eggshell finish .

Doesn’t it look sharp with the red accents?

DIY old desk makeover, you should see the before!

Since I was in the swing of updating my entryway, I thought a few gallery switches were in order.  See the gallery wall before here.

Side note: Those red slippers from Glerups, warmest slippers I’ve ever owned! 

SHutterfly wood prints

The whole motivation to update this space started when I received this new wood print from Shutterfly at the holidays.  When paired with a feed bag from my good friends feed mill (Barnyard Organics ) I knew a little splash of red in this space would be the perfect accent to pair with the Voice of Color paint.

Organic Feed Mill Bag made into artwork

I think gallery walls have ran their course, but I still love it! I’m even considering continuing to add to it. I just got a lovely painted poppy piece from my son that might need to find a home here.

Shutterfly gallery wall

The veneer on the top of the desk was in need of dire repair, half was ripped off, so I layed a piece of meranti overtop and made a raised edge with the intention of tiling the top. I have yet to find a tile I love for it, so it was put on the back burner.

Vintage radio

I of course needed another surface to put my trinkets. I must say this radio is rarely turned off.  My kids even turn it up so we can bust a move!

 Vintage flash camera

Lets take one last look at the old desk makeover before and after…

Before and After old desk makeover

This isn’t the first appearance of this desk you’ve seen! I first used it as a bar cart during the holidays, see the whole project here.

Holiday Bar Cart with lots of personalized gift ideas

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  1. Virginia, I need you! I absolutely love the desk. I have a similar old one. Did you just paint or did it need a primer to start? You are so inspiring!

  2. All I could say is that you rocked with these superb ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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