How to Use Deco Foil with Heat Transfer Vinyl

December 23rd, 2016 | Made with Fabric, Silhouette

Sooo… I signed up for an organization blog post with Expressions Vinyl.  While I sit scratching my head on what genius idea I should share (I may possibly be the most unorganized person ever) I realized that my best defense in staying organized at work is having something that can cart my junk from point A to point B, this lady needs about 1000 tote bags… cute ones. Otherwise, I end up leaving hoards of stuff on my desk leaving me nowhere to actually work. Today I thought I’d share how to use Deco Foil with Heat Transfer Vinyl to make an irresistibly cute tote bag.  Deco Foil transfer canvas bag from Expressions Vinyl

For this project you will need:

HOw to use Deco Foil and heat transfer adhesive

  1. Create and cut your design using your electronic cutter. Tip: Insert the adhesive heat transfer material into the machine with the hard plastic sheet facing the ground.
  2. Weed the design. If you are having a hard time seeing the design, it helps to hold it against a window or a light table to help see the lines.
  3. Iron the design onto your fabric for approx 25 seconds. I tried this technique using a few different fabrics. Smooth works best, a heavy weaved fabric does not work well.
  4. Peel back heat resistant plastic layer. Immediately apply the foil, with the dull side facing the design. 
  5. Using a scraper, rub all over the design (like you’re scratching a lotto ticket).
  6. Peel back the foil layer to reveal your design. 

So easy, right?!!

Deco Foil transfer canvas bag from Expressions Vinyl

I really love the shimmer you get from the foil, it isn’t like anything else. I especially love the rose gold with the bo-ho vibe of these bags.

Deco Foil transfer canvas bag from Expressions Vinyl

The foil is so thin, it feels like it has been silk screened on… but SO much easier and less time consuming.

Deco Foil transfer canvas bag from Expressions Vinyl

I found a smaller design worked better at getting filled completely in. But the best part is, you can keep moving around the foil sheet to a fresh part to fill in more of the design.

Deco Foil transfer canvas bag from Expressions Vinyl

What do you think, will you give Deco Foil a try with Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Adhesive? It makes a really fun project!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Expressions Vinyl, all ideas and opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. jsandvoss says:

    This turned out fantastic! Thanks for choosing our Deco Foil! Would love to send you our Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive to work with!

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