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February 4th, 2014 | Free, Learn How, Made for Kids

Free template for Lego Friends mini figures via

My daughter got Lego Friends for Christmas. Since then it is ALL she can think about. Lego everything, she spends most of the day playing with it, and when she isn’t, she’s talking about the next thing we can build. I can’t lie, I actually love it! Her imagination has ran wild, and for her age she comes up with some very good ideas. Mr. Fynes and I are Lego lovers too… he still has all his original bricks from the 80’s (big thanks to his Dad for keeping that bin around)!

Of course, because she has such a great imagination her Lego girls couldn’t have only one outfit, that would be absurd! It was up to me to style these ladies a new wardrobe. I took inspiration from some mini figures with capes (Star Wars I think). I found some tightly woven nylon fabric that wouldn’t fray when cut (this is the key to this project) I found mine in the rain wear fabric section. Its has a micro-fiber feel rather than a plastic-ish coating. For $1 I got enough fabric to make 1000 dresses!

Dresses for Lego Friends, free template via The minimum cut of the fabric was so much I only picked up the one color.  To make them different I used acrylic paint to make a variety of designs.

How to put the Dresses on the Lego Friends mini figures

Dresses for the Lego Friends Mini Figures

  1. Remove the Friends hair.
  2. Stick the arms straight out, and slip the arms into the holes.
  3. Fold one side of the dress around the body, and then the other.
  4. Put the hair back on the mini figure. You’ll notice the fabric is much higher in the back, the hair is what holds the dress in place.

FREE template for Lego Friends mini figure dresses via

The mini figures can stand or sit and the dresses will stay in place.

Lego Friends get a new wardrobe Some days they are dresses, sometimes nightgowns, the possibilities are endless with a little ones imagination!

Lego Friends dresses *Free Template* The girls are off to the beauty shop in their new Lego Friends dresses!

A side note… if you’re wondering about the holes in the friends heads if you buy the Andrea’s Bedroom little set you get loads of hair accessories for them!

Get the Free Template for the Lego Friends Dresses here!

Print and cut out, I used a small hole punch for the circles. Trace the template onto the fabric, cut around the outside. To easily cut the armholes you can fold the fabric in half at the hole and cut a half moon. Thats it, then paint if desired! Easy peasy and tonnes o’ fun!

Do you have any little Lego monsters at your house? Have you ever been to Lego Land? It is on the top of our family vacation wishes (we have a student from Denmark living with us, maybe we’ll go to the original someday!)

Looking for another fun toy for the kiddos? Check out this free Princess sock puppet pattern. 

NO SEW Princess Puppets- click for a FREE pattern!

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