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Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift- Photo Prop Sign

It must have been a cold winter/ fun Valentines Day this past year because it is baby shower season around here! I personally prefer a baby shower after the baby’s arrival so I can get some sweet baby cuddles, but I totally understand in the terms of readiness why some are held beforehand. When the sex of the baby is unknown giving the ‘perfect’ gift becomes a bit trickier.

Double sided Photo Prop gift idea. Help Mom and Dad Document each month with the Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift IdeaI am always trying to come up with easy DIY baby shower gift ideas that are suitable for both sex. How many fuzzy blankets, and green or yellow sleepers can one get before they’ve seen enough!

This photo prop sign is perfect for either a boy or girl.

I hope this little gift will encourage mom and dad to document the whole year as baby grows and changes so much in the first 12 months. When month 12 is over, simply flip the sign over and it can be used to document baby’s birthday. Imagine how great it would be to have the same picture through all their milestones!

To create this Photo Prop sign you will need:

  • A small wooden sign (you can get them at Michaels or the dollar store, mine is 16″x 8″)
  • Black Paint and a foam brush (I used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint)
  • White vinyl + an electronic cutter or alphabet stickers
  • Chalk

Follow these simple steps to create this easy DIY Baby Shower Gift:

-Paint both sides of the wooden sign with the black paint.

start with a small wooden sign

-Using your electronic cutter (I used my Silhouette Cameo) cut both phrases, and a frame the number will be written in. Alternatively, you could use scrapbooking alphabet stickers.

-With transfer tape apply the phrases to each side of the sign.

-Gift the photo prop sign with a few pieces of chalk so Mom and Dad are ready to set up their photo shoot.

EASY DIY Baby Shower gift idea. Photo prop for Mom and Dad to document changes each month. fynesdesigns.com

I came up with this easy DIY baby shower gift idea in a pinch. I love to take something hand-made but again when you don’t know the sex, you have to put on your thinking cap.

Photo Prop baby shower gift idea

For other awesome DIY baby shower gift ideas check out this collection of over 40+ handmade baby gifts from The Crafted Sparrow, and these 16 must see baby gift ideas from Titi Crafty.

Do you have a great unisex Baby Shower gift idea?

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  1. Lyndsay Tupper says:

    That is an awesome idea V!

  2. I so could have used this idea – yesterday… for a baby shower today! D’oh! Next time for sure! Awesome idea! Virginia, you never cease to amaze!

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