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Kids Craft- Valentine’s Day Painted Treat Bags

I wanted to share this special way we’re gifting our yummy chocolate treats to our friends, family, and teachers this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines treat bags painted by your child

My kids LOVE to paint, so I created this little craft as a double whammy. The kids get to paint and the recipient gets a swell piece of artwork in gift bag form! This craft works great for any holiday and who wouldn’t want to unwrap a yummy chocolate treat?!

How we made the Valentines Treat Bags

hand sew plain bags for painting

I sewed plain white bags, nothing special just scrap fabric sewn like a pillowcase (of course measuring much smaller, about 8″ long). Then slip a scrap of paper into the bag so the paint won’t transfer to the opposite side. paint-Valentines-bagsAcrylic paints work best, I chose some Valentine colors for the kids to paint with and let them go wild.

The results? Not exactly VanGough, but the kids are so excited to gift them and I’m sure Grandma and their teachers will be over the moon to receive them!

Have the kids paint plain white bags to gift treats to their teachers or grandparents

Packaged up with a sweet ribbon (May Arts of course) and you’ll have yourself some designer gift bags!

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  1. Well that’s SUPER awesome! Will have to hold onto the paper next time as we had a couple and didn’t know this. Thank you for the heads up Virginia!

  2. Very cute – I love the bags! Nothing better than a hand made gift from kids! I’ll have to check out those Kinder Eggs…my kids go crazy over them!

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