DIY Puppet Theatre From an Old TV…with BIG Shine!

January 22nd, 2014 | Crafts, Frugal Finds, Made for Kids

dis.jpg We acquired an big screen TV a while back from friends of the family to use in our basement. Unfortunately during the move the mirror in the back got cracked which left us with quite terrible picture quality! Since it was so huge we neglected to turf it for quite some time, which turned out not so bad because it made a great puppet theatre!

Create an awesome Puppet Theatre from an old big screen TV #kids #TV #puppet #puppetshow #modernmasters

I have to give credit to Mr. Fynes because he thought up the idea to repurpose the TV (but don’t tell I’m giving public credit, we don’t need swelled heads around here).  When I gave him the green light it wasn’t long before he had it tore apart, so much so that I didn’t get any process pictures. So all I can say is remove the back screws haul out the mirror, circuit boards, etc. until you have a heap of junk like this one…

remove the inside of the TV to create a puppet theatre

I wanted the puppet theatre to be a bit glamorous so I set out in search of something with a little bit of shine. I thought about an ultra glossy paint but when I came across Modern Masters Metallic Paint I knew it would do the trick! Modern Masters has so many colors to choose from!  I managed to narrow it down to Pink Pearl and Lilac, R’s favourite colors!


Ever want to paint something large with nail polish? That is the best way for me to describe how beautiful this finish looks when its done (however capturing it on camera is terribly difficult)!

When painting a large surface, you’ll need to use a tad of extender to avoid roller marks, but otherwise the process was just like using regular paint!

I first prepped the surface by applying a coat of 1-2-3 Bulls Eye BIN primer to the entire TV frame.  When the primer was dry, I applied the first coat of paint. I was a bit worried because the roller created thousands of tiny bubbles that wouldn’t seem to go away. However, when it dried the paint was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and looked perfect!

bubbles will dissipate as it dries To my surprise the dark color took only two coats for good coverage! Mr. Fynes added a 18″ board to the bottom of the picture hole for the children to hide behind.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Looks sharp, doesn’t it?! I covered the speaker with a fresh piece of felt, and a small curtain rod for hanging the drapes.

Create an awesome puppet theatre from an old TV via

I made the bunting banner along the bottom to make it a bit more fun, but when the curtains open and the Princess Sock Puppets come to the stage the fun in our house off the hook!

DIY puppet show theatre from an old Big screen TV via

The puppets kinda steal the show, but what do you think about the Metallic Paint? I LOVE the shine!

Create an awesome puppet theatre from an old big screen TV Since I ordered way too much paint, and it just so happened to be the perfect pink for a Valentine’s Day project I whipped together these wooden conversation love hearts!

Wooden Conversation Love Hearts #valentinesday #love #heart #diy #

This metallic paint from Modern Masters really works great to give shine to big or little projects!

What would you use metallic paint for? Check out this Patio Furniture from A Nest for All Seasons, and this Bathroom Nook from The Benson Street for more inspiration.

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