How To Use Up Leftover Pastry Scraps

October 26th, 2013 | Kitchen Content, Learn How, Recipes

You’ve made Thanksgiving pie, it looks beautiful, and you have a small handful of pastry offcuts left, now what?

Let me tell you what… you need to grab 3 simple ingredients and roll out this to-die-for treat (it might even taste better than your pie).

How To Use Up Leftover Pastry Scraps.

Warning: Once you try this scrumptious little morsel you will never wonder how to use up leftover pastry scraps again!

My Mom has made this forever and a day. She is master pie maker and when you have 6 starving mouths (not starving really we were chubby kids) standing at the stove waiting for something sweet you figure out a way to shoo them off.

You will need:

-leftover pastry


-brown sugar


How to use up leftover pastry scraps. The most delicious morsel of pastry ever! This is how to use up leftover pastry scraps:

1. Roll out pastry. Generously spread butter all over. Sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon (don’t be shy).

2. Roll into a log.

3. Put in a parchment lined pan, and place in the oven next to your pie. Bake until slightly brown and oozing with brown sugar (about 25 mins on 350).

4. Allow to cool a few minutes, slice into discs and serve.

The most delicious pastry cinnamon roll you'll ever eat, in 3 SIMPLE steps.

You can make this delicious cinnamon roll with as much or as little pastry as you have left over. I’m not gonna lie I’ve even just made one with a whole batch of pastry!

How do you use up your leftover pastry scraps?

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