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Dollar Store Spring Easter Basket Wreath

I just love spring time! I’ve never made a basket wreath before, new home = time for a new Spring Wreath (see my past wreath ideas here). I wanted to incorporate Easter decorations into my welcome wreath, so I headed to the dollar store to get some pretty spring wreath making supplies.

Pink Peony Spring Basket Wreath

Learn how to make a Basket of peonies to hang on your front door

I had too many wreath ideas floating around, so I wanted to show you two spring baskets for your front door. One DIY Easter basket wreath, and the other a spring basket that could live long into summer, full of pretty pink peonies.

Dollar Store crafts- How to create a beautiful flower basket full of peonies for your front door.

Easter Egg Basket Wreath

An Easter basket full of eggs for your front door. Create this Easter wreath with items from the dollar store!
Learn how to make an Easter Basket wreath for your front door for only $10!

The best part about both of these sweet spring wreath ideas… ALL the wreath supplies came from the dollar store! Let’s get started.

How to Make a Spring Easter Basket Wreath


  • basket
  • basket filler- like excelsior or moss
  • foam
  • weight (a medium size rock)
  • hot glue gun
  • felt
  • fabric flowers and greenery (5-10 flowers, 1-2 green stems)
  • ribbon or wire for hanging
  • faux eggs
  • paint (if you wish to change the color of your basket)

How to Make a Basket Into a Door Wreath

Cut a basket with large kitchen shears to easily create a wreath
  • Cutting the basket in half is surprisingly easy. A sturdy pair of kitchen shears will do the job! If you’re having trouble with a thicker basket, you can use a jigsaw or dremel to cut the basket in half. Cut as close to the handle as possible without jeopardizing the strength of the handle.
  • Wrap the cut edge of the basket in a strip of felt (approx. 2″ in width) and hot glue in place. Place a wight in the bottom of the basket (a rock will do the trick) to keep from swaying when hung on an exterior door.
  • If you’d like to change the color of your basket give it a paint job before you start gluing things in place.

Filling the Basket Wreath

Dollar Store crafts- How to create a beautiful basket wreath for your front door
  • Fill the basket with foam. You can purchase flower foam from the store, or recycle styrofoam packaging (mine was from a light fixture box).
  • Cover the foam with moss or basket filler and hot glue in place.
  • Poke flower stems into foam and arrange the bouquet. Alternatively, fill the basket with Easter eggs and hot glue in place.
  • Attach flowers to the handle using the wire stems, or hold in place by gluing a piece of felt on the back side of the flower, securing it to the handle.
  • Add a ribbon or a wire hook to the back of the handle for hanging.
How to create a beautiful Flower Basket full of peonies with dollar store items.

When searching around for ideas I came across this basket wreath tutorial, where she uses a premade door basket, so if you aren’t heavy into crafting you may want to check that out.

How to make an ordinary basket into a wreath for your front door. Perfect idea for a pretty Ester decoration.

Can you believe I bought the supplies for this spring basket wreath at the Dollar Store?! Each basket cost about $10 to make, you can’t beat that!

How to make a wicker basket into a wreath for your front door. Perfect idea for a spring or summer decor wreath.

Every dollar store has different items. I checked three stores, which all had peonies and nice greenery. I would love to see what you create with this spring basket wreath tutorial.

Learn how to make basket wreath with supplies from the dollar store. Make this pretty spring wreath for $10!

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Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Store Spring Easter Basket Wreath tutorial.

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