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DIY Instax Camera Sticker- FREE Silhouette Cut File

Y’all know I’ve been a long time lover of my Instax gear, my little FUJIFILM family is so much fun to play with! I’ve recently added a new baby to the family, the Instax Mini 70. This new guy has some really great features like the mirrored selfie shots, auto exposure, and even a macro mode! I hope you love your Instax as much as me, so today I wanted to share a DIY Instax Camera Sticker cut file, so yours can be super cute too! PLUS, if you don’t already have one, enter at the bottom to WIN an Instax Mini 8 + film (sound the party horns)!!

Customize your Instax camera with a DIY sticker skin. Hundreds of possibilities!

With this free Silhouette cut file you can give your Instax any look you want, the possibilities are endless!

Cut your own Instax camera skin

Simply download the Instax Sticker Silhouette cut file (do not resize), cut from your favorite vinyl or washi tape sheets, weed and apply.

Customize your Instax camera with a DIY sticker skin. Hundreds of possibilities!

Using transfer tape doesn’t really work because of the different depths of the camera body, but the pieces are small enough to maneuver without having them buckle. You can get some great washi tape patterns from Silhouette here, or We R Memory Keepers here. You can also use any color vinyl you’d like, Expressions vinyl even carries patterened vinyl, glitter vinyl, and metalized vinyl, that would give it a really cool look!

Customize your Instax camera with a DIY sticker skin. Hundreds of possibilities!

I really wish I would have had some printable vinyl on hand, would watercolor flowers in pretty pastels be SUPER pretty on that little white guy?!

Customize your Instax camera with a DIY sticker skin. Hundreds of possibilities!

If you’re going to use vinyl, just be sure you use removeable so you can easily switch it up whenever you’d like.

Customize your Instax camera with a DIY sticker skin. Hundreds of possibilities!

I can’t wait to switch them up all. the. time.

Download the Silhoutte DIY Instax Sitcker file here 

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Now is your chance to ENTER TO WIN!

Win one of 4 Instax cameras and photo paper #fyneslovesfuji

Prize includes (1) Instax Mini 70 Camera plus a package of film

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Alexandra Robertson says:

    I would like yo celebrate valentine’s day by enjoying some nice chocolate and dinner with my husband and son.

  2. Andrea Gardner says:

    This Valentine’s Day we get to celebrate a dear friend’s 40th birthday!
    I am not sure what other treats my husband may have up his sleeve. My kids will get a special treat from us.

  3. We keep it low key for Valentine’s Day but we eat lots of chocolate!!!

  4. joanne darell says:

    I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner with hubby.

  5. Lynda Paredes says:

    Spending Vday with family, exchange homemade gifts & eat a meal together.

  6. Andrea Tisdale says:

    Love this camera and the fun cut file for it. I celebrate Valentine’s with cupcakes.

  7. I would love to win this camera! I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband, cooking dinner at home and watching movies!

  8. Missy Henderson says:

    LOVE this idea. Now i need some printed vinyl! Thanks so much and what an amazing giveaway!!! I would love my own Instax so I don’t have to borrow my daughters.

  9. Missy Henderson says:

    I forgot to say how we are celebrating Valentines day… Having a golden birthday party for my daughter who is 12 on the 12th! What better way to celebrate the day of Love than with family!

  10. Brandy Poteet says:

    I like to celebrate valentines day with a great dinner and LOTS of chocolate.

  11. What a great giveaway!!! I have ALWAYS really wanted to get an instax!!! And this blush color- SWOON!!!!

  12. I like to make something special for husband for valentines whether a meal, card or something else.

  13. I love to be home with my family. We exchange cards and chocolate and have something fun for supper.

  14. Heather S says:

    My husband and I exchange cards and we wait until the weekend after Valentine’s Day to do a date night as the restaurants are always way too crowded then.

  15. I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family – a simple dinner, some silly presents and quality time.

  16. I’m spending Valentine’s with my family and friends on our annual Presidents Weekend Getaway!

  17. Karla Sceviour says:

    i like to go out for a nice dinner

  18. Amanda Byrn says:

    I love this post, and what a great idea to decorate the camera! I have been wanting one of these cameras for a while because I love to take photos and share them on social media, but this would make it easy and fun to share a quick photo with anyone! I like having dinner with my loved ones, even my kids, for Valentine’s, then putting the kids to bed and staying up to share a movie with my hubby before we head to bed to snuggle. 😉 I mean it is Valentines, right!?!

  19. spending time with my family

  20. I like to go to dinner and see a movie with my sweet husband for Valentine’s Day. We usually go out on a day other than the 14th to avoid the crowds!

  21. I would like to celebrate my Valentines Day with my beloved family with full of happiness and sweetness. Taking pictures together, watch movies together and doing everything together. One day together with my family is the best wish I am hoping for. I hope this Valentines Day will be a very special day for me, more special then my birthday and more special then anything because I am with my family. I love you Mom,Dad, Brothers and Sisters. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

  22. Love the stickers !!! So awesome!! I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Key West!!!

  23. I like to spend Valentine’s Day at home with my husband! I cool his favorite meal, we watch a movie and just enjoy each other’s company!

  24. Love all your ideas! I like to make dinner or order a heart shaped pizza for my husband and kids. The table is usually decorated with balloons and valentines. Thanks!

  25. Mariela Davila says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!!! I Iovepics.

  26. I love to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband and son. Just family hanging out

  27. I would love to spend my Valentines Day with my family and do everything together. Eat together,play together,taking pictures together and everything together..

  28. With my friends..Happily

  29. LOVE going out for a nice dinner. Let’s be honest, anytime I don’t have to cook and clean feels like a holiday! I like to go home, snuggle up and watch a good movie. Homebody for life!

  30. What a fun sticker! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I’m pretty low-key when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. I like to make decorations with my Silhouette, and jus have a quiet dinner with my fiancé 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this camera!

  31. Sherri Youngblood says:

    I love dinner out with the hubby but I don’t particularly love crowds, so I suppose my favorite thing to do on Valentine’s is to cook a special dinner at home for just the two of us!

  32. Every year when I submit my vacation request I take Valentine’s Day off in hopes to be spending it with someone special.

  33. A fun hangout with my BFF…and taking pictures or polaroids together..

  34. A fun hangout with my BFF and taking pictures or polaroids together..

  35. Being together with the people I love…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Honestly, I like staying home and ordering out so I don’t have to cook. I’d much rather avoid the Valentines crowds.

  37. josephine evans says:

    I am not really sure yet to be honest. My husband said to make make any plans so I guess it will be a surprise and one that I can not wait for! wahoo

  38. Judy Cowan says:

    Usually hubby and I just cook a nice dinner in and have some cuddle time on the couch watching a movie. I like it simple.

  39. I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, celebrating our friendship love 🙂

  40. Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and all heart shaped items in the kiddos lunch.

    Special dinner for hubs and I.

  41. I love spending all the time I can with my family!

  42. My little sister just got one of these for Christmas and I bet she would love this!

  43. ivy pluchinsky says:

    i like to spend it with my niece!

  44. Celebrating at home with my husband & daughters, ordering food and watching romantic movies.

  45. I like to make something special for my kiddos for dinner and set the table for them with pink and red paper cups and plates and a little treat at their place setting — usually a couple of chocolates and a magazine. (They’re 6 and 8; magazines are their once-a-year treat.)

  46. Love these Virginia! WOW!

    We usually spend and celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. Special breakfast, activities as a family and then we end the day with a family cooked meal. 🙂

  47. Anne Taylor says:

    I like to celebrate Valentines Day with my husband, daughter and grandson. We’re going to go for a walk along the ocean.

  48. Rev. Deborah Kalinowski says:

    I love to spend Valentines Day with my husband. We give each other romantic Valentines cards and I cook a nice meal for the two of us.

  49. Nicole Tidman says:

    Cuddled up at home makes for the best Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  50. Usually a fancy dinner (last year was a surprise helicopter ride at a local vineyard and a dinner in the village) . . . I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant on Sunday so a few hours to relax is all I’ve hinted at!

  51. I love to go to a dinner and movie

  52. It is just myself and my toddler so we like to get some goodies, I like to get a bottle of wine for myself for later on

  53. Usually hubby books a nice restaurant and then we go to the movies and then dessert afterwards

  54. Susie Kline says:

    We usually celebrate on another day to avoid the crowds. On Valentine’s Day it’s dinner at home with the family!

  55. Elizabeth E says:

    I like to go out to eat with my husband, and then also eat slightly too many chocolates 🙂

  56. I like to celebrate with my family..dinner together then watching a movie

  57. Love the stickers?
    I like to spend Valentines day with all my favorite people, my friends and family. Surrounded by such loving people would just make my day. Because Valentines day is about love not objects. But if I win the Instax Mini 8 Camera then I will make an exception? Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! Thrilled at the chance of winning!❤️

  58. Kate Folkers says:

    Fell in love with the stickers! I would spend my Valentines day with my twin sister. We are juniors in high school this year and we probably will go to different colleges in 2017. And I would love to surprise her with the Instax mini 8! She has been wanting one badly for a year and a half. Thank for hosting!

  59. I’d like to celebrate with my friends!!! Thanks for this giveaway!!

  60. Sacoria Stixrud says:

    My husband and I have a tradition of going to to different cities every Valentine’s Day and finding a hotel that over looks it. A mini photo shoot ensues and we get some quality photos of us and the city as well as some quality time together.

  61. aarone mawdsley says:

    with dinner with my fiance

  62. Paula Cruz says:

    I love to celebrate Valentine’s day with my family and friends just because it’s my birthday!

  63. Dinner and a movie is the way we like to celebrate. Quiet and relaxing.

  64. Amy Heffernan says:

    Just being with my kids 🙂

  65. Tammy Clouthier says:

    we usually spend valentines’ day with our children but go out to dinner on the saturday before to celebrate both valentine’s and our wedding anniversary as a couple.

  66. I like to go for dinner and bowling or movies with my family.

  67. allison m says:

    i love to celebrate by making handmade cards for friends and family!

  68. kristen sowko says:

    We love baking, doing crafts and we go on a family outing for Valentine’s Day! This year we are going to check out Ripley’s aquarium. Thank-you for the opportunity!! 🙂

  69. What a fun giveaway and cute download. You are very talented….

    For Valentines we just take it easy….no fuss for us! Maybe a little gift for the kids but that is about it.

  70. Aundria Smith says:

    I want to spend time with my son watching a movie and pigging out on popcorn and candy 🙂

  71. Aundria Smith says:

    I want to watch movies with my son and stuff our face with popcorn and candy:)

  72. Gillian Morgan says:

    I like that its a day to spend with people you love.

  73. Belinda McNabb says:

    I enjoy staying in ordering food and watching a movie

  74. Jenness M says:

    Dinner at home then a movie.

  75. Autumn Marcum says:

    I’ve wanted one of these for forever! And the sicker idea is so cute!

  76. Autumn Marcum says:

    I love to celebrate valentines day with my girlfriends, Starbucks, and lots of romantic comedies….oh and Chinese food!

  77. Melissa Greco says:

    I’m going to watch deadpool with my boyfriend

  78. Bailey Dexter says:

    We love celebrating Valentines Day with take out and the whole family sitting around the table enjoying our celebration dinner and talking silly about how their dad and I met! Good times!

  79. I’m going to spend Valentines day with everyone that I love and cherish. Can’t wait to do the diy stickers! ❤️

  80. Do you have this cut file for a cricut? And the instax mini 9?

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