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November 10th, 2014 | Learn How, woodworking

A few weeks ago I got a very special bright green package in the mail. A few members of the Ryobi One+ family have joined the Fynes family.  Since then I’ve literally been like a kid with a new toy! The first project on my to-do list is a fun set of DIY Stocking hangers.

Now I’m no pro when it comes to power tools but many of the Ryobi One+ tools are just the right size for a gal like me. They are light weight, battery powered, and not intimidating at all. There is going to be some learning as I go, but I hope I can share some projects that will make you feel comfortable enough to get out some power tools and create too! I can’t wait to share all the fun stuff I’ve been creating in my workshop (I say ‘my’ Mr. Fynes is no longer allowed in there… unless he wants to fix the fire!)

To get my new woodcrafting hobby underway I thought I should start small. I’ve had these photo stocking hangers from Shanty to Chic and these ones from SugarBee Crafts  in my Pinterest Build it board for some time. I love the basic design of them but needed to give them a little Fynes touch.

Easy to build with just a few simple tools

The special touch was most definitely these beautiful cabinet knobs I found at D.Lawless Hardware. (they have an awesome selection of stunning glass knobs at amazing prices, a must checkout site) The knobs are so pretty, I knew I had to find a way to incorporate them into our Christmas decorations.

Stocking Hanger Materials

wood cuts stocking holders

How to Make Stocking Hangers

  1. Using the Mitre Saw cut the wood pieces to size according to the above photo. 2×4– 4 3/4″, 1×3– 4 1/4″, rip two pieces of the 1×3 giving you 1 3/4″.
  2. Cut the edge of the 2×4 pieces off to make it have square edges.

edge of 2x4

3. Mitre the edges of the smallest pine pieces at a 22.5 degree cut. Sand all edges smooth. I like to paint my pieces of wood before I assemble, then just touch up when it is put together, but that is totally up to you.

cute edges with Mitre saw

4. Apply a bead of wood glue to the bottom edge of the 1×3 block. Using the brad nailer and the 2″ nails attach the 1×3 block to the top  of the 2×4 lining up with the squared edge. Nail from the bottom side up.

stocking hanger assembly

5. Line the small front piece up to the 2×4 block. Drill a small hole into both blocks for the cabinet knob. (You can see I numbered both wood blocks to make sure my pieces lined up after painting) Countersink a hole in the 2×4 for the knob screw to fit into flush.

6. Apply wood glue to the front panel, and press onto  to the front of the stocking hanger. From the bottom edge using 1 1/4″ nails toe-nail into the front plate into the 2×4.


7. Last step is to personalize your stocking hangers. I found these small chalkboard plaques at Michaels in the impulse items. They had a clothes pin on the back, so I just snapped  that off. I attached the plaque with a dab of wood glue and two furniture nails, then applied a vinyl monogram I cut out on the Silhouette.

DIY Wood stocking hanger tutorial

I’m so happy with how they turned out. I painted them with a Martha Stewart white pearl craft paint. I wish a photo would capture the sheen of the paint.

wood stocking hangers with a Jadeite pull

I love the variety of pulls I used, each one is beautiful. Be sure to check out the amazing selection at D. Lawless Hardware.

Easy DIY stocking hangers

I’m really amazed at the amount you can build with just a few handy tools. I can’t wait to show you the other fun stuff I have up my sleeve!

So what do you think, is this a DIY woodcrafting project you think you could handle? 

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