Master Bedroom Ideas- It Needs a Makeover

I haven’t said much about the Master bedroom in our home. To be straight it is seriously depressing to look at, (it’s the last room in your house you want to be on the sad side!). I’ve decided this room needs to be moved to the top of the makeover list, and I need to come up with new bedroom ideas.  When we moved into our house it was the one room that didn’t get a lot of décor TLC. I just figured “who is going to be looking at the bedroom?” now I realize the two most important people have to look at it everyday!


While surfing Pinterest for some inspiration I came across the most beautiful bedroom collections from Frette. I was drawn to the lush colors, textures and patterns. I knew immediately I had found starting ground for a rich color scheme for my revived space.

yellow-color-schemeThe pin boards I created are drawn from Frette’s Baglio and Duca collections. The shades of Sicilian gold and Moroccan Blue would lend a strong lead for accents of violet, nectarine, emerald, and jade to achieve a chic European ambiance.

blue-bedroom-inspirationNesting your tired body into, and resting your head on layers of 100% Egyptian cotton each night wouldn’t be so hard to take. I’d feel like I was living at the Ritz, or staying the night with the Italian Royal Family! All I’d need is silk pyjamas and a Frette bath robe, and I’d be living on cloud 9!

Who is to say when I’ll put my bedroom ideas to good use, but creating a color scheme and dreaming about sleeping like royalty is the first step!

Image Credit: Frette, Achica Living, Barefoot in the Park

Disclosure: The opinions and projects expressed in this post are my own. 

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  1. I love the colours you chose. I hope you are going to be sharing the results of your makeover!

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