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Easy Monogram Wreath

I’ve had a serious crush on Monogram wreaths for the longest time.  After all this time on Pinterest I thought I should harness my girlish behaviour and make a monogram wreath for my own door!

Easy Monogram Wreath tutorialIt just so happened that this summer at Michaels I found the supplies I needed in the clearance bin! However, if you had to buy the supplies now, this monogram wreath would cost around $10.

Monogram Wreath Supplies-

Monogram Wreath supplies

  • Monogram letter
  • Vase filler (you can get this in different colors, glittered, big, small, you name it) I liked the green moss beads, plus it can be used anytime of year, not just the holidays.
  • Ribbon approx 1 meter  (I used May Arts 1.5″ Faux Burlap in grey)
  • Hot Glue- you’ll need about 10 glue sticks

I pre spray painted the letter incase there were any openings between the letters. It was an unnecessary step because there were some very small beads. I also drilled two small holes at the top for my ribbon to thread through.

glue beads to letterStart hot gluing on the beads in an irregular pattern. At first I started gluing them individually, but found that putting a blob on the letter and sticking the beads on was quicker, and less glue burns! When the letter is full, simply thread through the ribbon and tie in a bow.

DIY Easy Monogram Wreath tutorial

I love how easy this was, it took about 1 hour to create. Plus its light weight so It can be hung anywhere.

Monogram wreath tutorial from fynesdesigns.comLike I said I have a monogram wreath crush, you should check out a few of my favourites-

Peppermint Monogram Wreath from Two Twenty One

Glitzy Monogram Wreath from Bonnie Projects

Jute Wrapped Monogram Wreath from Two Twenty One

Cedar Monogram Wreath form Dittle Dattle

I think a Monogram Wreath is the perfect project for a beginner crafter, or the advanced crafter looking for a break! Wouldn’t it make the perfect first Christmas Married gift?

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  1. Adorable…I’m gonna make one, for sure.
    over from Sunday Best.

  2. It seems you and I, Virginia, both have wreath addictions.. 🙂

    Clever to use vase filler. I’m going to have to add some of that to my craft stash. Your background in this photography is lovely as well!

    Jo-Anna and I featured you today at Our Sunday Best and also pinned you to party’s board. Thanks for linking up last week!

    Have a good weekend,

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