Week 4- Renovation Challenge

Things really started to take shape in Week 4. The week ended in the middle of a few projects but I’m feeling like we may actually pull this off! 

Let’s take a minute to recap Week 1 if you’re playing catch-up. I’m one of 12 designers competing in a 6 Week Renovation Challenge with Jeffery Court where one of us will walk away with a $5k dream vacation! The kitchen in the yellow house is getting a complete overhaul, take a look at the before.

Before the Farmhouse kitchen makeover

Since the rest of the cabinets were moved out on week 3 were able to really get things moving! The start of the week I got busy on painting out the dining nook to something fresher. The wainscotting was part of the mini fix up earlier this year. This very pale mint paint colour (Plateau PPG1234-2) really added some life to the space, plus I just love bright white trim work! 

kitchen remodel- painted wainscotting

The breezeway desperately needed a fresh color too. I’m really loving all the moody greens everywhere right now (like this kitchen from Studio McGee) but didn’t want to commit to a large space, so this little breezeway was perfect to dip my toes in. 

Breeze way porch before

After painting

The BIG thing this week was flooring. After receiving my tile shipment last week, I discovered after changing my kitchen layout (ordered tile before the final plans… not recommended) I didn’t have enough tile to complete the job, whomp whomp. I spent a large portion of the week scouring every store to find something to coordinate (I live in a small town, every store is about 10 stops, ha). It came down to reality that if I was going to get the job done with only 2 weeks to remain, I had to settle on something. Enter hardwood flooring. Yes, it was out of my price range, it was not in the plan, yes, I spent over 16 hours lifting old floor and laying half the floor, but YES, I absolutely love it!

Lifting the old flooring

Removing the old vinyl floor was INSANE! I really thought lifting the floor would be as easy as lifting the edges and rolling up the old vinyl. But whomever laid the flooring glued every square inch of it! It took us a little over five hours to get the whole floor up. If I knew it was going to take that long I would’ve just laid the hardwood floor over top of it. Lesson learned.

Then onto putting the hardwood down. Thankfully I had my cousin Justin help me, who had laid hardwood before. However, the wall was a little bit crooked, laying the first three rows took us a few hours. Once we got rolling it wasn’t so bad, but 3/4 of the floor and took eight hours to lay!

What got accomplished this week:

  • Paint wainscotting and upper
  • Paint porch
  • Crack filling
  • Flooring purchased and laid
  • Over island lights ordered 
  • Pantry door track ordered

What is to come for Week 3:

  • Tile breezeway, wall and floor
  • Add matching wainscotting
  • New kitchen window trim
  • Pantry Shelves
  • Overhead beam 
  • Cabinets installed
  • Dekton countertop measured

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