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Demo Week- Reno Challenge Week 2

Things got real this week, demo week is here! After a hours of hard planning, said ‘plans’ got completely turned upside down and started to snowball. I had plans to move a thing here and put a thing there, until it grew, and it grew, and it grew. I mean that’s the thing about renovations eh, nothing goes according to plans.

Let’s take a minute to recap Week 1 if you’re playing catch-up. I’m one of 12 designers competing in a 6 week renovation challenge where one of us will walk away with a $5k dream vacation! The kitchen in my new place is getting a complete overhaul, take a look at the before.

There is a lot to be said about hiring professionals to take a look at things. Thankfully in our case we have some family and friends in various trades that could give us insight on a few ‘small changes’.

Removing the old cabinets

I went from changing a pot light to a regular fixture to now nearly tearing down the ceiling. I just keep telling myself things need to get worse before they can get better… like way worse.

We hit demo week hard and got to work on removing the existing cabinets. A little easier said than done since there were 55 screws attaching them to the walls. We tried our best to be careful as we hope to be able to sell the cabinets to help with the cost of new appliances.

Along with the snowball of projects my budget has bulged a bit too. I wasn’t quite sure if we could swing replacing the flooring, but after lifting the cabinets we’ve discovered a gaping hole in the flooring that will not be easily, disguised new flooring here we come… cha ching.

Building a new pantry

We framed a pantry on the west wall this week so we could get an idea of space, but halted putting gyproc up until the ceiling lighting re-work is complete so it can all be done at once. 

framing the pantry

An electrician was in to talk about lighting and power needs for new appliances. In short there is a way more changes necessary than I anticipated. Split a switch plug combo, receptacle in the pantry, move 5 pot-lights, 220v power supply on the east wall for a range, split a few circuits. and decide if there is space for a range hood. Plus motion sensors for inside the pantry and under cabinet lighting.

What got rolling this week:

  • half of the cabinets out
  • appliances disconnected
  • final cabinet measurements and instal date determined
  • hardware purchased
  • pantry framed
  • appliances sourced

What is to come for Week 3:

  • Countertops chosen
  • appliances purchased
  • ceiling treatment
  • pantry framed plus gyproc
  • electrical re-worked
  • hardwood for east wall shelves
  • purchase lighting

Fingers crossed things go smoothly this week, lots of big plans on the horizon!

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