Summer at the Fynes

July 3rd, 2014 | Family

When I was recently asked to blog about summer at our house I kinda got really nervous and thought what in the world am I going to say? Honest truth, summer is the busiest 3 months of my year. Like the word crazy doesn’t really sum it up. I’m going every which way, trips to Costco, weddings galore, summer DIY, camping, family time, sending one exchange student home, and getting ready for a new one, planning Christmas parties (I know that sounds crazy but catering books up months in advance), the list goes on. It is really a mad house.

Summer mainly looks like this…

catering appetizer table from Virginia Fynes Catering But our family has really learned to adjust, and I’ve learned to not accept every single catering job that comes my way. So with a little planning (mostly by Mr. Fynes) we find time to take in summer, get a tan, watch some of the best parades, dip our toes in the lake, eat lots of yummy treats, go camping, take day trips, and just unplug and relax!

Some of the best summer days look like this…

Muskoka chairs Ultimate relaxation at my In-laws lake house, they have the most beautiful lakefront property.
shriner Mr. Fynes is a Shriner, so the kiddos have become professional parade watchers (they love every second of it) but it also gets us out to some really awesome festivals and celebrations.  smores I may be trying to watch my waistline but I have to take in the campfire pleasure of a s’more… or two. Otherwise I stick to my favourtie Weight Watchers snacks. Now that I’m thinking, a lot of nutrition guidelines go out the window in the summer, and thats ok. My kids always love to go to the general store at a campground to find a Kinder Egg (their favourite treat) and play fun little games with their toys. It’s a great time to share the joy of their little toy when we don’t have other things on the brain. As I’m writing this I’m thinking about a Kinder egg smore yum!!

watermelon The pleasure of summer fruit, oh so much delicious fruit! My little guy calls a whole slice a watermelon happy face, only camping would I ever let him make so much mess!

swimming Lounging pool side with cousins, and jumping, jumping, jumping in the pool!

cottage And last but certainly not least, time spent at our family cottage. It’s so lovely here, quite, peaceful, no service, no phone. Just family time (I usually work on a craft). Countless cannon balls, kayaking, sleepovers, BBQ, tasty drinks, sometimes we even put the kids up to crazy party games, and the adults play card games into the late hours.

Thats a little glimpse of summer at the Fynes house. I left out the photos of me sweating in a 500 degree kitchen on the warmest weekends of the summer… ain’t nobody need to see that.

How do you spend summer, is it the ultimate time for relaxation, or do you have the stress of summer commitments? I’d love to learn what summer means to you.

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