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Restaurant Bathroom Makeover Plans

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks fixing up my newly opened restaurant The Union Street. I really wanted to trail you all along the journey, but when you cram 10 million projects into a tight deadline of 14 days I rarely had a minute to pick up my phone to check on my kids or snap a photo! We (my biz partner Lauren and I) are so fortunate we had a series of skilled family and friends at our beck and call over the past few weeks to help out with the renovations. The restaurant bathroom makeover was the most dramatic of all the changes. Having the help of my friends from The Home Depot, Ryobi and Delta Canada made these two restrooms come together and really make a much more modern look in a hurry.

The Restrooms

Bathrooms Before

Hard on the eyes, eh?! I bet these washrooms were darling back in 1990, but they seriously needed to roll into this decade.

ugly womens washrooms

ugly mens washroom

The issues with the restrooms:

  1. Terrible lighting. Very old building, only one electrical outlet in each room. Plus dark painted ceilings.
  2. Painted tissue paper wall treatment over vintage wall pannel, that could not be removed.
  3. Old flooring.
  4. Bad smell.
  5. Rubber baseboards.
  6. Chipped countertops.
  7. Rusted sinks and faucets.

The Restaurant Bathroom Makeover Vision

Restroom moodboard for a his and hers commercial space

I knew right away each windowless space needed more light; which meant a brighter color scheme for both spaces. I immediately fell in love with the VERO™ Single Handle Lavatory Faucet in champagne bronze from Delta which set the tone for the ladies washroom. Following the lead of the classy feminine look I set for the ladies I went for an opposite masculine look for the men’s room with the DRYDEN™Single Handle Vessel Lavatory Faucet in a striking Venetian Bronze color.

Once I had an idea of the look I was going for in each space I set out to out my project in motion at The Home Depot. 


The staff at The Home Depot were so helpful at putting my vision into action. I was able to sit down with a bathroom professional that helped source some of the materials I was looking for, and get them in store (some were even delivered to my house free of any shipping expense!). Working on a small budget for the two spaces it was really helpful getting some tips from the pros like buying a long length of countertop and cutting it in two rather than two short vanity pieces. Which saved me nearly $100!

The staff even helped make sure everything was going to make it home safe and sound. Driving with a 10′ piece of countertop on the back made me super nervous, but it was tied down so good it didn’t even budge an inch!

Let the demolition begin

Bathroom paint color combinations from PPG Voice of Color

The whole first day of project bathroom makeover was dedicated to demolition. Much to my surprise there was a lot the had to be done before we started covering up the old bathroom. Since we were working on a small budget, the vanities, toilets and stalls had to be preserved. However, the toilets were removed when we decided to put down a new floor, and the stalls had to be lifted too. THANK GOD my brother (aka Captain Carpentry) has the know how; it got this job done WAY quicker than I would have ever managed.

hard at work

Sometimes there were up to 6 people in one bathroom stall, holding, measuring, lifting, painting, gluing, or nailing. I’m so thankful Lauren and I have an amazing support team of family and friends. Not to mention the great tools from Ryobi we had to get the job done quick and easy too! Having more than one nail gun on hand meant we were able to get the job done in half the time.

The Paint

Bathroom paint color combinations from PPG Voice of Color

Y’all know choosing the paint is my favourite part. I really ran with the feminine vibe with the ladies room and chose a soft peach from PPG Voice of Color. I was dying to try something a bit trendy and use a bold color in the men’s room, so I chose Mecca Gold for a bold accent paired with a soft grey Ghost WriterJuniper Berry in each space as a small accent.


Chic Peach 228-3Juniper Berry 501-6Macaroon Cream 511-1


Ghost Writer PPG1007-3 |Mecca Gold 214-7 Juniper Berry 501-6

I’m so excited to share with you the amazing progress we’ve made on the restrooms, you won’t believe how much they have changed! Stay tuned for the restaurant bathroom makeover reveal!

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