New Favourite Weight Watchers Snack- Maple Leaf® #PROTINIS

June 18th, 2014 | contests, Review, Weight Watchers

As you know I’m fighting the battle of the bulge, I’ve headed back to Weight Watchers and I’m slowing trying to plug through all the summertime BBQs and get togethers. The Summer is the busiest time of year for me and I often find myself skipping meals, which we all know isn’t the way to shed pounds.

I’m always on the look out for quick, healthy and low point ways to throw some lunch or a hearty snack in me.  Dun Dun Dun Dah… Maple Leaf® Natural Selections® Protinis to the hunger rescue!  Maple Leaf® Natural Selections® #PROTINIS Only 2 Weight Watchers Points for approx 15 strips of chicken

These little packages pack a bug hunger punch. We all know that protein is where its at in terms of filling up and feeling fuller, longer. Plus this type of protein snacking can support physical activity and weight management goals by building and repairing muscles and tissues.

The best part, they are so delicious and only pack 2-3 Weight Watchers points (flavors with dried fruit are a bit more)!! Also they come in a variety of flavours to please any palette. Visit the Maple Leaf Protinis site to learn about all 8 flavours. 

Although they are perfect for a complete snack, they also make a delicious low point weight watchers meal. Each pack comes with two containers of approximately 15 strips of chicken, drizzled with some really delicious flavours like this one below Sweet Thai Chili.

2 point Weight Watchers Chicken Strawberry salad #PROTINIS

This Strawberry Chicken Salad looks quite delicious for only 2 points, eh?!

Or add the Protinis in a pita wrap for 3-4 Weight Watchers points.

3 point Weight Watchers Chicken Pita wrap #PROTINIS Add a half a pack of Protinis to a pita and top with tomatoes lettuce and low fat Miracle Whip for a 3-4 point wrap. Pair with a salad, and you have a complete meal with the protein needed to stick with you.

Watch this short video about Protinis

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Maple Leaf® Natural Selections® #PROTINIS Only 2 Weight Watchers Points for approx 15 strips of chicken

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