Wedding Movie Matchup- Free Bridal Shower Game

June 16th, 2014 | Event Decor, Made with Paper

I love hosting parties- especially bridal and baby showers. One of my favourite parts, next to the decorations is the party games. I always try to come up with unique bridal shower games that won’t break the bank plus something that people will want to participate in (because not everyone wants to swing their hot dog at a mouse trap). This shower game will have your guests competing, all it takes is a bit of big screen knowledge.

Fun Bridal shower game based on wedding themed movies

I love watching movies, especially those of the ‘chick flick’ variety, and nothing gets me more than a movie about a wedding, so I thought I would combine the two to create a fun bridal shower game.

I like to call it Wedding Movie Matchup.

How to prepare for this game

First you will need to print the game card PDF I have created. There are 3 cards to a sheet, you’ll need one per guest. The game cards list 25 wedding themed movies or TV shows.  Print a photo from each movie (links included  at the bottom of the post). There are a mixture of movies/ shows so the game is appropriate for any generation.

Fun Bridal Shower game idea perfect for all ages

 Mount each photo on a sheet of cardstock.  Letter the photos from A-Y on the back side. (I used some old scrapbooking stickers).

bridal shower game

How to play this easy Bridal Shower Game

Each guest will need a pen and a game card. Sitting in a circle pass each photo around, the circle.  Give the ladies approximately 30 second to look at the photo and write the letter on the back of the photo onto the game card to match the corresponding movie. Then pass the card onto the next person in the circle, making sure each guest sees all the photos.

Bridal Shower Game score card

Print the GAME CARDS here

I threw in a few tricky movies to throw people off, surprisingly people had most trouble with the cartoon photos!

After all the photos have circled around you can call off the correct order of the photos, or if you have extra time it is fun to hold the photo up and get people to call out the answer. The player with the most correct answers at the end of the game wins a prize.

Fun movie themed bridal shower game

This game is so much fun, may the most watched win! I hope your guest enjoy it as much as mine did.

Find the wedding movie photos here-

*to print each photo- Click on the link, right click to save the image and print at a 4×6*

Get the Baby Shower Movie Matchup game too!

Free baby shower game. Super easy to print and play

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